insta-friday and a SUPER cute (on sale) bathing suit.

this bathing suit (that comes in navy and white as well...which, if was up to me, we'd have instead) is so great!
i love the ruffle skirt and criss cross back!
they have it on sale right now at sears for around 12 bucks! (for you people that want to get it NOW)
OR you could order it from lands end here
there are way more color options (AND polka dots!!!) on that site! wow!

the quality is really good (compared to target).
i love it and your little lady will too!
you should get one!

we got an IKEA book shelf.
it. feels. great.
it's like we have more books than we ever realized and they are all organized and ready for book time!
(but ella was NOT happy about something...)

ah ha! it becomes clear! she hates the color flowers i put in her hair and she is wishing for the blue and purple ones.

an outing to the mall and a quick viewing of veggie tales

summer tents.
thanks julie for the idea.
and rubyellen for the tutorial.
these are a hit. 
indoors and out.

i really love ella's

this was the first day of summer for us.
cloudy, but great.

jake and ty's tents are covered in cream burlap and finished with blanket binding...easy!

 sleeping tents.

empty beach.

snack bar run

dreaming of renting one of these.
it's on our summer list

new shoes from me to reedo


a little book i found at the dollar store.
i really love it.

this is my favorite page from it.

lovely trust.
they are so blessed to be learning how to love, now.
they will be able to take that into whatever their lives have ahead and bless each other and others with it.
thank you Lord!
HE knows it is a hard thing to teach and model, but He sure can give me strength....

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  1. such a precious post. really love all the pics especially the one of your babies in front of the snack stand. of course there's bunting! beautiful job on the tents..you could sell 'em.
    xoxo *wink*

  2. I love it all! The tents are a blast for the kids, I'm sure. My fav pic is where your kiddos are in front of the bikes, 'surfboard rentals' and brightly colored rainbow pennants!

  3. The girls just made a makeshift tent(with vintage sheets of course) the other day using the neighbors fence:) This was while we were scraping away at the front porch(which is still happening even as I write this.Ugh)
    All that to say, I LOVE your tents! We may need to construct a quick one before our trip up the New England Coast this next week. We'll be spending lots of time at the beach and I cannot flippin wait:)

  4. your pictures are so great! just love that your little girl is in a Star Wars tee ~ too cute :-)

  5. love the tents.
    that would be fun for my kids to have inside.....i probably wouldn't bring them outside....i am lazy. but the inside pic is too fun. and there would be less fighting? maybe?

  6. Love the Tom & Jerry shirts - where did you find them?

  7. Oh my... Where to start?!? The tents... Absolutely fabulous!! And that pic of your daughter is a hoot! So dealing with the same drama over here:) adore the swimsuit! And how fun is the snack bar?! Love this post:)

  8. Oh my word! We are totally going to make those tents! Thank you so much for sharing them! :-)

  9. I have to say these photos remind me of my older brothers and I growing up. Especially that last one. I always looked to my oldest brother as my protector and still do. So sweet! You have such a gorgeous family!


  10. I saw two sweet little girls on the beach with the navy striped suits while we were in New England. I instantly thought of you:) I love them too!