come visit me...

...over here today!



  1. Shauna, I have been reading your blog for like FOREVER (I have basically been home-bound for years due to one of my children's in home therapy, so I read a lot online), and finally figured out a way to post a comment. Anyway, thanks for writing this blog--it's so fun yet meaningful to read. This is Lisa Kelly, remember Lisa Taylor from Coast Bible? Yep, it's me, and I was telling my mom how I read your blog but I'll have to tell you once I get to CA--I came across it through Bechtles some way--and she said to me why don't you comment, so here I am. I'm relocating to CA in August, so perhaps I'll catch you there. By the way, did we just have the same day (your latest guest post). I have 4 kids. Many of your posts echo my life! Maybe we'll bump into each other soon.