the good life. a guest post.

hello friends of the reed life!
i am so so so pleased to present my very first guest post by my sister, gracie!
i know you will love this too.

she is .....
i can't even describe how great she is.
she makes me want to jump up and down with love and pride and thankfulness.
the best i can do is say that she is part of me.
like my mom is part of me, she is part of me too.

 please leave her some love so she will promise to make this a regular thing...
she is a wise young lady that i, for one, would love to hear from often on the reed life!


happy july day.

(baby sister grace here.)

shauna noel asked me awhile ago to contribute my "two cents" on her blog.
whether it be music that inspires me.
or some of my simple thoughts.
here i am.
and today my "two cents" is a song that makes my soul smile.
(and some thoughts sprinkled on top.)

it's called "good life" by onerepublic.

the melody is happy.
the lyrics are so simple.

here we are.
we have so much.
to "give thanks" for.
that is really all that God ask of us.
to "give thanks." not to "be thankful."
if we "give thanks," then He has promised to be faithful.
to cultivate "thankful hearts" in us.
through us.

all we can do is be still. know. that He is. that we are loved by Him. choose Him.

(even when it seems absolutely IMPOSSIBLE.)

may you go.
and remember all that our good God has done for you.
be happy like a fool.
and give thanks for this "good, good life."



  1. my favorite part of the post is you.
    my favorite part of the video is eddie.

  2. Love it, Grace! We DO have SO much for which to give thanks! My cup runneth over. :) I think it is so wonderful that you sweet sisters are so close and share such a strong bond. Just wonderful. Have an awesome weekend, girls! xoxo

  3. hi to Grace! love the video, i think this is going to be in my head all day : ) thanks for this reminder today.

  4. and so why does your magical sis not have her own blog?

  5. please come again miss grace!
    i liked every word of your post very, very much.

  6. grace, you rock. seriously, i always wished to have a sister, and if i did have one, i'd want her to be like you. you're amazing and i heart you. thanks for sharing your words of wisdom. the simplest truths are often the hardest to live out.

  7. It was a much needed delight to my day...thanks for the songs and words of encouragement.

    Now if only we could hear some more of your amazing music!!