a frosty adventure!

some of our best summer pals took us to their favorite ice-cream stand this week!
you know me, i can't resist bringing my camera to adventures like this...it gets me every time!
the kids were wild and sweet as usual.
with the exception of my ella (as usual) who doesn't need an excuse to bring out her pout.
yep. even at an ice-cream stand with a cup of rainbow sherbet she can be "mad"
she's all mine 
(and reedo's, actually)....

thank you lena and your sweet munchkins for the delicious adventure! 
and thank you amy for the new editing tips!


  1. your pictures always kill me (in a good way).
    please message me how you make them look so awesome.
    naturally, i want to steal that and do it myself.

  2. yay! It was a fun day - you captured it so well! We love our friends, and we love summer when we can see (all of) you more!

    I especially love the one of Lily mauling her poor brother's lips (he's used to it from me, I guess!)

  3. that last picture has me cracking up! so much activity there...looks like fun!

  4. ella's romper = my favorite outfit of hers. it goes well with the sassy pout too. love that girl.

  5. how sweet is that kiss in the last picture?! and i love your boys' tom and jerry shirts. looks like a fun outing!

  6. These pictures are awesome. Makes me want to learn how to take pics better! I love checking in on your blog :)

  7. Ohmyheck! That last pic belongs on the front of a card! Perfect!

  8. What a sassafrass she is:) Love your pics as always!

  9. i had to go back and look at the picture of ella crying again, too funny ; ) you're welcome! fantastic pictures!!!

  10. the last photo is PRICELESS!!!