my cute husband

I just had to include this picture(not taken by me), so you could see my husband in his element.
Yes, he is easy on the eye in my family pictures and yes, he can smile and look adoringly at our darling kids.
But he also has A LOT of energy just simmering under the surface, waiting to get out. And for the last few years mountain biking has been his outlet for that.
This is him racing at Irvine lake last Tuesday night.
Cute huh?
errrr, cool?

I don't know what manly descriptive word I am supposed to call him, but I think he is great...and mine.
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tiny secrets

May 27, 2010
this picture was taken by Jake.
he set us up and told us to tell secrets while he took pictures....
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I am telling you before I tell Jake, Ty and Ella about these summer treats!
I will have this banner and this cake for the last day of school!
I think I am more excited for summer than they are right now!

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The city of Balutha

Check out this city that Jake made.
He thinks it's pretty awesome.
I think HE is pretty awesome.

Explanation by Jake R:
The green clovers stand for the bushes.
The other colored clovers stand for the houses.
The train track is where the train goes.
That is all about my city.
This is pretty good, huh?
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the story of ferdinand

Ferdinand had a favorite spot out in the pasture, under a cork tree.....

It was his favorite tree and he would sit in it's shade all day and smell the flowers.....
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looking for sun flare....

So, for you who don't know, I got to attend a SPECIAL photography workshop last weekend.
My husband and kids sent me as a mother's day gift, and I loved it!
It was taught by Joy Harmon Prouty, who has an amazing photography company, Wildflowers Photography, and whose blog I LOVE!
I was so lucky!
One of the things she was teaching was how to get that flare from the sun raining down that you see so often in her breathtaking photos....and so I am on a mission to find my sunflare....
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I have a VERY strong feeling that heaven will smell like sweet peas.
I don't know about you, but the smell of warm air and growing sweet pea plants, makes me want to dance around and talk to God.
i don't really care.....i must.

the boys and I recently found the LARGEST patch of wild sweet peas I have ever seen.....ever!
I felt like God was looking right at me and sayin'
"here ya go babygirl.....don't forget.....don't start thinking you belong down there......someday you'll be comin' home to the place that I have prepared for you, and I know your language, little lady.....sweet peas"
I just have to giggle and think "thanks Daddy! you sweet ol' thing you"

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random thoughts

check out how cute my sister is!

I just cleaned off my mantle. Said good bye to the "spring" eggs and stuff...
It feels great!
Like summer is almost here.

Then I made a little nook to remind me that I will be traveling soon......
It's coming.
Kauai, I can't wait to meet you....

just in case you are getting annoyed by me and my happy reports...
look at my sewing/craft area....
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you know what these are, don't you?

Oh yah, they're smelly markers and they are the biggest hit in the Reed house since.....Aunts Grace was sleepin in the loft.....
It don't get much better than this, people.

get them.
at Staples.
they rock.
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Ty's birthday dinner at Fatburger!

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