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I have VERY simple eaters at my house (well at least my oldest is :)So I am always hearing these words "what this?", "what are those green things?", "are these tomatoes?".....and on and on with ungratefulness...familiar?One of my new favorite blogs is called Our Best Bites and whenever I have no idea what to make and also am not in the mood to hear discontent whining, I pull this site up. They have lots of kid friendly recipes that sound kinda yummy to me too. Many of the recipes contain a combination the 10 ingredients that are acceptable to Jake :), so that means I can make something besides Mac and Cheese and still get smiles.Don't get me wrong, I am all for expecting my kids to try something new, but I also like to just make something that they think is amazing every once in a while, ya know?These pictures are of my boys enjoying Homemade hot pockets! great huh? I made it even easier by using refrigerated pizza dough! these babies took about 15 minutes to make, and I almost always have these ingredients on hand! yeah! a new favorite!So, if you need a little inspiration, check out this blog! Some of my favorites are the mini breakfast quiches, stuffed pizza rolls(both kinds), and the fruit bruchetta...sooooooo good!
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  1. Mark's very into your hot pockets idea. I sense that I will soon be coming home to a dinner of homemade hot pockets!