I have a VERY strong feeling that heaven will smell like sweet peas.
I don't know about you, but the smell of warm air and growing sweet pea plants, makes me want to dance around and talk to God.
i don't really care.....i must.

the boys and I recently found the LARGEST patch of wild sweet peas I have ever seen.....ever!
I felt like God was looking right at me and sayin'
"here ya go babygirl.....don't forget.....don't start thinking you belong down there......someday you'll be comin' home to the place that I have prepared for you, and I know your language, little lady.....sweet peas"
I just have to giggle and think "thanks Daddy! you sweet ol' thing you"

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  1. Your look is complete and utter bliss!!

    Where, or where did you find them?? I want to go visit!!