watercolor wednesday-kool aid style- ice cream cones and my birthday mix

this was a really great one.
we took packets of kool aid and mixed each one with a few drops(i mean a TINY amount) of water, in the cups of muffin tins.
we decided on ice cream cones(which i had made a template for)
and used our usual method: pencil, sharpie, then paint.
it smelled very yummy.
the finished product turned out beautifully. sticky but delicious.
We had our friends with us, and the mommies were thinking we should just have our own painting day after school starts.
music, painting and peace and quiet.
probably not gonna happen,but it sure sounds great.

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hmmmm. what to do with marshmallow fluff.....

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i am freaking out.

i am freaking....out.
i have never had family pictures(with our whole family)done before.
i am pretty sure this is THE way to do it.
let me clarify.
i love my family and i love looking at them.
i love Joy from Wildflowers Photography and I love the images she creates.
i love winning and i LOVE winning the best prize EVER!
i just KNEW the whole time. this was gonna be SO us.
this was a dream of mine and it came true.
I know this crazy enthusiasm may seen a bit wild to some.
maybe it is.
but i don't care.
look at the first few that she has shared!
i love my people.
my children are a gift from God.
my Reedo is so beautiful.
i don't even look pregnant.
so, you people that have asked me that in the last few months, you are ridiculous.
all 5 of you.
i am cute. not chubby.

i am not gonna pretend that having 3 small children
and all that comes with that doesn't put some tension on my Reedo and i, at times.
but these pictures just melt my heart.
this visual reminder...just speaks to me.
they show me Reedo's smile and his eyes.
i love my husband.
i feel like it is another sweet reminder from Jesus.
remember? he knows my language.
the language of colors and light and beauty and joy and romance.
he provides for me.
in unexpected ways.

"Do not be deceived, my dear brothers. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."
James 1: 16-17


happy 71st birthday Wizard of Oz! and random embarrassing stuff....

this month marks the 71st birthday of "The Wizard of Oz"
i thought that in honor of that,
i should let you in on my run in the "the wizard"
so here you go...
i was 16.

then i got all distracted by the scanning of old pictures.
i found some super embarrassing/awesome ones
and decided to humiliate myself in the name of authenticity.
you know this is why you love me :)

first here is a SUPER sweet one
of me and Celeste, my mom's best friend from when she was my age.

and then one of me and my momma

and then there's these....

oh wow.
so great.
i am so sorry everybody.
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three kids and a tired momma

i took my kids to lunch.
i was NOT in a good mood.
i was forcing happiness,
where all there had been for days was sickness and bickering.
i know it sounds wierd,
but these are just the times i feel i need to take out my camera.
as if, through the lens i will see that joyful something that i am missing.
well, you can see for yourself, there WAS sassiness and a flavor of wild....
but, they are beautiful to me....sorta.
see my tired eyes?
i am the problem here.
i am the one who hasn't gotten sleep and am crabby.
i am the one who couldn't stay at home for one more minute.
i wish i had been nicer today.
i wish i could take away like 6 frusterated ,over dramatic sighs.
i wish i could give 4 more kisses to each kid.
and three more hugs.
there's always tomorrow.

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singin' with ella

ella has had some very particular requests for songs lately.
i thought i could make up a little playlist to share

click this picture to hear her picks


a yummy before school breakfast.

as i am getting ready to start into my school schedule again,
i am trying to think of good easy breakfasts for the mornings.
i love the mini ham and egg cups.
i love the greek yogurt, honey, fruit, and "just the clusters"
i even feel pretty good about peanut butter and jam english muffins or toast....
but i need to add a few new items to my list...
i just came up with this one this morning:

You know these little babies, from trader joes, right?
these are the "not as cute" sister of the chocolate version :) but still, very good, and perfect for my idea....
well, I took them out around dinner time the night before,
and let them thaw for a few hours.
by the time the kids were in bed, they weren't frozen anymore and i opened them up.
yep, just unrolled them.
when they were flat and triangle shaped(long triangle),
i layed a few thinly sliced peices of ham and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese on it
and rolled it back up, very roughly.
i didn't seal the meat and cheese in or anything.
then i placed the little dough roll ups into a muffin tin,
sprinkled them with TJ's 21 seasoning salute,
covered it with a dish towel and put it in the fridge til morning.
In the morning i just pre-heated to 350, and baked until golden-darkish brown.
like 20 minutes, i think.
they were great!
Jake ate 2. and some blueberries.
Ty ate 1. and some blueberries.
Ella cried and ate some blueberries. she's still sick :(
I will let you know how they were the next day.
my goal is to be able to make a batch and use them for 2-3 days for before school
I am not a big morning cooker....for now.
Do you have any ideas for quick, healthy, morning goodness?

my sweet boy. beauty in motion.

ever since the moment i met him, i knew that Ty's big blue eye would melt my heart.
it's true.
they do.
melt my heart.
he is so much like his daddy. my Reedo.
see how his back side area is crawling up the wall?
beauty. but not stillness.
constant motion.
God has given me Reedo and then He gave me Ty.
He is teaching me how to love this constant motion.
not to wish it away and hold it down.
i still try to do that, sometimes, by the way.
i am learning.
their motion is beautiful.
you can see his movement even in his eyes.....see it?
little Reedo.

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a sad thing and 2 happy things...

a sad thing is....
that Ella is SO SUPER SICK!
ear infections and a little bit of pneumonia.....
the other day i was playing with Jake and didn't hear her for a while and i went into her room and found her asleep(see the booty up shot? that was it.)
so sad.

a happy thing is....
that my boys are still healthy and enjoying summer.
with lightsabors, of course.

and, also, cake is a happy thing, right?
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double date

Reedo and I got some pretty great tickets to Dave Matthews last night!
We had a great time with our friends Matt and Charity.
Check out my picture i took with my phone....
we were CLOSE.

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ella got new shoes.
she decided that pink is her favorite color.
she has big feet, huh?

look at MY new shoes.
i copied Julie again.
yellow shoes were on clearance for $4.98 at Target
then i googled a tutorial on how to make those flowers.
how cute are they!!!

we went to Target.
then took an unexpected detour to the fountain.
look at my kids.
they are like wild animals.
there were cute little bashful girls with their bathing suits and toys.
then there were my kids.
there were relaxed, non-sweaty mommies waiting with warm fluffy towels.
then there was me.
letting my 2 year-old go in with a pull up.
making my kids walk dripping to the car.
then letting them get naked for the ride home.

i took 5 kids to costco.
it coulda been bad.
it wasn't.
they were really good.
they ALL sat in the basket and sipped $.59 lemonades while i loaded the bottom.
ya never know.

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don't forget what my blog is.....

this is a reminder.
for those who may start to forget my mission.
for those who may start to think that the stuff on here is a complete representation of my life.
my blog is a reminder for ME of what is good and sharable and happy about my life.
how i am learning and seeing the good in things.

When I have yelled at Jake one too many times, or been sassy to my husband...again, or lost it with Ella and put her to bed at 5:45, I can look on here and say...
"oh yeah,there the is SOME good. I don't completely suck."
my hope is that you will look at my blog and in the midst of YOUR hideous moments, not think, "if only my life was together like this person" BUT, maybe think,"I could do that! what she didn't isn't that hard, i am gonna try that" OR "tomorrow is new, tomorrow I will try to find some good moments and take a picture or write it down or memorize the feeling in my mind"
to leave behind those yucky moments and embrace the good ones.....

so, here is ONE picture of watercolor Wednesday.
we painted back to school cards for our favorite high school teacher.
I was watching 2 extra kids,so i wasn't as organized is usual.
they were still happy though.
no pictures of each kid with their masterpiece
no special music.
that's ok.

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Isn't her smile mesmerizing?


snapshot: 17 on the 17th

i keep seeing people do this...
not very original, but kinda fun.
this is what is happening here today.

some notes:

  • thats the VERY LAST of my laundry....until tomorrow
  • they sleep in the fort *smile*
  • i really WANT to start that book...a gift from Les.
  • notice my wreath is SOOOO faded! remember when I put it up? at Easter? so bright!
  • see my wall with the little crate of cubbies? i need some ideas for it...it looks boring. what should i put in those cubbies?
  • STILL working on those flower things....i am slow
  • I LOVE my new mantle.
  • the little purple cookies and glass of tea are from Leslie's trip....*smile* and yum.


that's my man!

Reedo is still rockin' his Tuesday night bike races...
I skipped tonight since I think it is like 100 degrees out there....

just me and ella-downtown san juan capistrano

Ella and I had a few hours together this weekend.
We strolled down by the mission.
We got matching necklaces from a vendor.
We ate a rainbow push pop.
She and I actually had FUN in the antique barn.
Girls are not like boys....just FYI.

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ok, ok, two more....i have a problem.

  1. cream flower shoes

  2. brown cardi
i am showing you, not buying them, so don't make me feel guilty.....

i dream in golden yellow....

look at these happy things.
i just had to share.
the shoes and boots are ridiculously priced....but still we can look, can't we?

and just in case you want to "more than look"....

just give them my address and I will graciously accept these beauties for myself....shoe size 8 ;)