watercolor wednesday-kool aid style- ice cream cones and my birthday mix

this was a really great one.
we took packets of kool aid and mixed each one with a few drops(i mean a TINY amount) of water, in the cups of muffin tins.
we decided on ice cream cones(which i had made a template for)
and used our usual method: pencil, sharpie, then paint.
it smelled very yummy.
the finished product turned out beautifully. sticky but delicious.
We had our friends with us, and the mommies were thinking we should just have our own painting day after school starts.
music, painting and peace and quiet.
probably not gonna happen,but it sure sounds great.

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  1. Those are beautiful ice cream cones! What a fabulous idea!

  2. "I love the pictures of us on the reed life. And I wanted to write back. And its so fun getting on another blog." - Nate

    "Such cute pictures!" - Sophie

  3. Love them, can't wait to get back to crafting with the kiddos!!