watercolor wednesday-tom's robots and aunts graces mixed tape

this is very exciting.
we had a very talented artist to lead our watercolor wednesday this week.
no more "mommy reading a tutorial" this week.
We had Tom Monson staying at our house.
So,of course I had to rope him into a little lesson.
His art incorporates a lot a childlike feeling and so it was SUCH a perfect match!

click this picture to see his work.

we made robots.
super cute robots with speech bubbles.
i framed them all.
they are adorable.

we painted and painted.
and listened to grace's ipod on shuffle.
i wish i could just burn all her music onto my ipod.
or i wish she just lived here in a cute little guest house right outside my door.
i can dream can't i?

do you see Ella's tummy?
the paint.
the knotted shirt.
she was also wearing her big girl panties.
fellow moms, you know what i mean, how cute is it when all the sudden there is no diaper covering the adorable little buns?
ugh cute!
this was also the first watercolor wednesday that Ella participated in(usually she is napping or playing somewhere else)
She, of course couldn't quite manage a robot, exactly...but i think i will have to do a separate post of her posing with her picture....

have you noticed how many pictures i get to be in lately?

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  1. Love the Robots! Tom's work is great, I checked out his website. I really like his art! We ordered the art program that you wrote about & did our first painting session. The fishies....so fun!