ella got new shoes.
she decided that pink is her favorite color.
she has big feet, huh?

look at MY new shoes.
i copied Julie again.
yellow shoes were on clearance for $4.98 at Target
then i googled a tutorial on how to make those flowers.
how cute are they!!!

we went to Target.
then took an unexpected detour to the fountain.
look at my kids.
they are like wild animals.
there were cute little bashful girls with their bathing suits and toys.
then there were my kids.
there were relaxed, non-sweaty mommies waiting with warm fluffy towels.
then there was me.
letting my 2 year-old go in with a pull up.
making my kids walk dripping to the car.
then letting them get naked for the ride home.

i took 5 kids to costco.
it coulda been bad.
it wasn't.
they were really good.
they ALL sat in the basket and sipped $.59 lemonades while i loaded the bottom.
ya never know.

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