Just Me and Ella!

Ella thrives on one on one time!
Remember how I mentioned that before?
She is so much less whiny and smiles SO much when we get a couple hours a day, just she and I.

SO, I have a choice.

Feel guilty.
Shake my fist(no idea at who....maybe Reedo :)at the fact that I am pulled in so many directions.
Convince myself she is neglected and lonely and that a better mother would know better how to handle it, or at least would have spaced her children farther apart...ha!


make a point to make time for this, and document my process for all to see.....

I am choosing the latter.

So here I go.
My newest segment of the Reed life.
"Just me and Ella."
I will do this as much as possible and try to take a picture each time.
Maybe with me nice camera.
Maybe with my phone.
Maybe she'll be happy.
Maybe she'll be bratty.
Maybe we will do something special.
Maybe we will go to the grocery store.
Let's just see.....

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