a yummy before school breakfast.

as i am getting ready to start into my school schedule again,
i am trying to think of good easy breakfasts for the mornings.
i love the mini ham and egg cups.
i love the greek yogurt, honey, fruit, and "just the clusters"
i even feel pretty good about peanut butter and jam english muffins or toast....
but i need to add a few new items to my list...
i just came up with this one this morning:

You know these little babies, from trader joes, right?
these are the "not as cute" sister of the chocolate version :) but still, very good, and perfect for my idea....
well, I took them out around dinner time the night before,
and let them thaw for a few hours.
by the time the kids were in bed, they weren't frozen anymore and i opened them up.
yep, just unrolled them.
when they were flat and triangle shaped(long triangle),
i layed a few thinly sliced peices of ham and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese on it
and rolled it back up, very roughly.
i didn't seal the meat and cheese in or anything.
then i placed the little dough roll ups into a muffin tin,
sprinkled them with TJ's 21 seasoning salute,
covered it with a dish towel and put it in the fridge til morning.
In the morning i just pre-heated to 350, and baked until golden-darkish brown.
like 20 minutes, i think.
they were great!
Jake ate 2. and some blueberries.
Ty ate 1. and some blueberries.
Ella cried and ate some blueberries. she's still sick :(
I will let you know how they were the next day.
my goal is to be able to make a batch and use them for 2-3 days for before school
I am not a big morning cooker....for now.
Do you have any ideas for quick, healthy, morning goodness?

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  1. we do a lot of smoothies here: froz. fruit, plain yogurt, protein powder, milk, and a little agave or honey. I throw in a handful of fresh baby spinach and they have NO IDEA. Sometimes I freeze ahead breakfast burritos and roll them up in foil sheets. Thaw them the night before then warm 'em up in the oven!

    If we have to be somewhere really early, the poor things have to gnaw on a dry Kashi waffle in the car. Mother of the year.