snapshot: 17 on the 17th

i keep seeing people do this...
not very original, but kinda fun.
this is what is happening here today.

some notes:

  • thats the VERY LAST of my laundry....until tomorrow
  • they sleep in the fort *smile*
  • i really WANT to start that book...a gift from Les.
  • notice my wreath is SOOOO faded! remember when I put it up? at Easter? so bright!
  • see my wall with the little crate of cubbies? i need some ideas for it...it looks boring. what should i put in those cubbies?
  • STILL working on those flower things....i am slow
  • I LOVE my new mantle.
  • the little purple cookies and glass of tea are from Leslie's trip....*smile* and yum.


  1. cubbies: checkerboard of little red and green apples for back to school? bundles of crayons? you know how much i LOVE school supplies.

  2. it will make a perfect advent calendar!