"Just me and Ella" at the harbor

1. I am still calling it "just me and Ella" if another grown-up comes, so My sister Val doesn't count again us...

2. So, Val took this picture of us.

3. See how I am holding Ella? That is the reason(I really hope) that lots of sad people apparently think that I am pregnant.....and then are so sure they feel the need to ask or comment. My body is so used to holding babies that I need to work on my posture and suck in my tummy and not fall into the mommy slump....so if this annoying questioning has happened to you, you are no alone.

4. Ella's newest thing is to answer every thing I say to her with "no YOU". So, for example---- Me:"Ella drink your juice all gone and we can go, sweet pea" Ella:"No YOU drink it" OR Me: "OK, get up and walk like a big girl Ella!" Ella:"No YOU walk like a big girl". mmmmmm. what a pleasure.

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  1. I just get, mommy do...pleeeeeease, and then I get this look like she thinks she's hot stuff, and I'm gonna do it for her, but it doesn't happen, OK not all the time!!