man make fire

we have introduced a basic element to our household.

we make fire.

the boys love it.

and by boys, I mean daddy.

Reedo stares at it as if he needs to go back to his cave man roots.....ha!

he can't stop pushing it around and adjusting it.

man stuff.

his sons are pretty into it too....

and on to the reason I love fire.....

roasting marshmallows.

CHOCOLATE swirl marshmallows.


The next thing I want to try are foil packet dinners.

Check out this awesome MANLY website that has some great sounding foil packet recipes.

I'll keep you posted on what we try.

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  1. I love tin foil dinners. There are so many fun things you can do, and tasty too. The key is to cut everything the same size, especially when using potatoes. Desserts are really nummy in them too!!