don't forget what my blog is.....

this is a reminder.
for those who may start to forget my mission.
for those who may start to think that the stuff on here is a complete representation of my life.
my blog is a reminder for ME of what is good and sharable and happy about my life.
how i am learning and seeing the good in things.

When I have yelled at Jake one too many times, or been sassy to my husband...again, or lost it with Ella and put her to bed at 5:45, I can look on here and say...
"oh yeah,there the is SOME good. I don't completely suck."
my hope is that you will look at my blog and in the midst of YOUR hideous moments, not think, "if only my life was together like this person" BUT, maybe think,"I could do that! what she didn't isn't that hard, i am gonna try that" OR "tomorrow is new, tomorrow I will try to find some good moments and take a picture or write it down or memorize the feeling in my mind"
to leave behind those yucky moments and embrace the good ones.....

so, here is ONE picture of watercolor Wednesday.
we painted back to school cards for our favorite high school teacher.
I was watching 2 extra kids,so i wasn't as organized is usual.
they were still happy though.
no pictures of each kid with their masterpiece
no special music.
that's ok.

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Isn't her smile mesmerizing?

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  1. I love this post! And, yes, her smile is amazing! love those girlies and you! MIss you!