not prepared for the attitude!

so, if you are a parent of older kids, I am sure you will look at me with a smug smile right now, since this is most likely the VERY BEGINNING of something that you are painfully familiar with.
But I am just recently hitting this new phase with my first born.
He is really wanting to be in charge of himself and NOT willing to managed by me.
"Managing" is a mode I am used to going into when, say, I have all my kids at McDonald's(ew..I know)by myself and am trying to keep them rounded up into one spot and also order and distribute food and TRY and be nice and fun....and also antibacterial-ize their hands :)
Well, as a 7 year old Jake wants NOTHING to do with that style of parenting....hmmm
and, I'll be honest it's not my favorite mode either.
But his way to let me know that this particular mode isn't his cup-a-tea is to argue and pout and not cooperate and just give me general BAD attitude...yuck.....just what I need in a situation like this, right?

just look at this guys freckles and big brown eyes though.....see his preciousness and also his naughty under-current! those lips! annoyed lips.

his brother and sister LOVE him! and look up to him.

I just feel unprepared for my sweet Jake to push me away so hard!
It's weird, you can KNOW it's coming and even feel anxious about that change,
but I guess nothing can truly prepare you for that bitter sweet feeling that parenting brings.
He is growing up.
And I know Jake.
He will be an amazing, generous, sensitive man.
But this attitude is part of his road to get there.

So, does anyone have any advise?
Any thoughts on how I should approach MY role here?
That is usually where I get lost, then I ask myself "what's MY place?"
I need to find that.(as usual)
Nothing more and nothing less.

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  1. I have no advice, but I read somewhere or heard somewhere (probably from you - my wise friend), that your boy should eventually push you away and if he does, then you've done a good job because he's growing up to be a man and not a Mama's boy and he'll come back to you and you'll always be his little mama. (run-on sentence much?) I'm sorry, though. I'm not looking forward to that time. I'm not sure how much "guy time" J gets alone with Dad, but maybe he needs more?