three kids and a tired momma

i took my kids to lunch.
i was NOT in a good mood.
i was forcing happiness,
where all there had been for days was sickness and bickering.
i know it sounds wierd,
but these are just the times i feel i need to take out my camera.
as if, through the lens i will see that joyful something that i am missing.
well, you can see for yourself, there WAS sassiness and a flavor of wild....
but, they are beautiful to me....sorta.
see my tired eyes?
i am the problem here.
i am the one who hasn't gotten sleep and am crabby.
i am the one who couldn't stay at home for one more minute.
i wish i had been nicer today.
i wish i could take away like 6 frusterated ,over dramatic sighs.
i wish i could give 4 more kisses to each kid.
and three more hugs.
there's always tomorrow.

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  1. You're so brave to take your kiddos out to lunch. I just throw 'em in the car, and go for a very long drive (and a diet coke)

  2. You need a button above that says "I get it." I would click on that. Also your strategy under these kinds of circumstances rocks. Wish I could remember it when I'm at that place, instead of just crying in my bathroom ;)