happy 71st birthday Wizard of Oz! and random embarrassing stuff....

this month marks the 71st birthday of "The Wizard of Oz"
i thought that in honor of that,
i should let you in on my run in the "the wizard"
so here you go...
i was 16.

then i got all distracted by the scanning of old pictures.
i found some super embarrassing/awesome ones
and decided to humiliate myself in the name of authenticity.
you know this is why you love me :)

first here is a SUPER sweet one
of me and Celeste, my mom's best friend from when she was my age.

and then one of me and my momma

and then there's these....

oh wow.
so great.
i am so sorry everybody.
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  1. Such a sweet photo of you and your mamma when you were a baby! I love all of them...thanks for giving me a glimpse of your youth! I heart You, friend!

  2. let me just say that i sooo loved that wizard of oz play and im pretty sure i told my mom i wanted to be just like you when i was older :)

  3. It is no coincidence that the initials for Wonder Woman are also in WOW. You are hott. And I love how I can see all three sisters in your mom's face.