'round here

well, we skipped watercolor wednesday LAST week.
we pretty much skipped alot last week.
we have been doing less of our normal thing and more of this.....

Reedo and I even go to go out on a double date with Aunts Grace and Tom.
this picture below is my favorite that I have taken in a while.
She looks just like my mom.
look at the dimples, and the pretty hand.
this makes me feel all mushy about my little angel....

and this one(below) is a not even me!
not Me!

I even heard the boys telling thier freind that "we won't be able to play for a few weeks, cause out aunts grace is coming, sorry, we have guests"
We have had so much fun having them stay with us....
and I even get to be in some pictures! (note the cute kissy picture with Reedo:)
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  1. So great! Even before I read your post, I thought wow! this picture of Grace (the top one, that's a little farther away) looks just like your mom!! Exactly! So cool to see her in you guys :)