dirty boys, soccer balls and "just me and Ella"!

Ella and I got to camp early for pickup and so we had time to hang out and check out the lockers and take random pictures of each other...
these times when I get to have one on one time with her, she calls "just me and Ella" with a giant smile...
and recently added "no boys mom, just the girls".
Love it!
This time makes such a huge difference in her personality.
I can FEEL that frustration from merely being "managed" lifting in her and see her thriving in being delighted in and simply being enjoyed for the 2 year old that she is....
The summer means doing ALOT of bigger kid activities and expecting her to tag along whether they are "a little much" for her or not.
Sports camp has given her a break from that.
I am so glad she has one more school year to spend her mornings "just me and Ella"!
What a blessing! Here today gone tomorrow.
The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord!

Then we got the yearly pictures with the coaches.
This year we were ESPECIALLY blessed with awesome coaches.
The boys loved their leaders.

I got Ty to do some good posing for me, but as you can tell (below)Jake was a bit grouchy.....
Not surprising for a kid who constantly has his mother in his face with a giant camera....
Sometimes enough is enough?
IS it though?
look at his freckles.
how could it EVER be enough?

Sports camp!
One more checked box on our summer list!

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