watercolor wednesday- castles and fleet foxes

The Reed house has set aside Wednesdays as our watercoloring day.
Our first I got from Meg's site and she got the idea from this site.
We had popcorn and waterbottles and listened to Fleet Foxes.
Each week I want to do a different theme to paint, have a different snack,and listen to music we don't usually listen to.

The castles were so fun to make stories about.....
my kids were entertained by this project for 3 hours!!!!!
not kidding,
it was almost weird.
but i was having so much fun and feeling so successful that I just went with it(I painted a pretty "kick-ass" castle;)
then the sun came out at like 6pm and we filled the little pool and ate watermelon and hot dog babies (those pastery pups from TJs)
We then came in and watched Toy Story to prepare for our Saturday night date to see Toy Story 3.
It was such a great night.
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  1. Such a FUN idea! Everytime I read you're blog, I say to myself...I really want to try that! You're so amazing Shauna!!
    ps- I LOVE Fleet Foxes!