guest post by Ty Reed

i am ty.
oh yah, i'm a good boy and i love my momma!
i am the raddest person in the world.

I love my pictures that i taked.
(in no particular order :)
  • that is my brother laying and watching star wars
  • and i taked a picture of star wars
  • this is my ella, what just waked up from her her nap
  • my ball, we found at the beach. it been lost.
  • this is my momma' kitchen where her makes my food.
  • my mommy is having fun with me how i am taking pictures.
  • this is my house. it's rad.
  • my zhu zhu pet car, i been waiting to get it.
  • this is my umbrella, it's cars.
  • my freezer takes me to the beach, when I am so hot.
My whole collection is done.
but it's not really done, i just have more things to do.
i love my collection.
ps. i really want comments, like my brother
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  1. Ty you're such a sweetie, and so so cool!!

  2. Awesome blog little buddy...and cool pictures. Much love. Daddy.