fruit rainbow!

we have so much fruit right now, do you?
i always get so excited about fruit and then am scrambling to hurry and use it before it goes bad in the warmer weather.
after the farm trip, I had figure out how to eat fruit all day.....
so i made a tray up in rainbow order
strawberries, oranges, angelcotes(a new one), kiwi, blueberries,
then I made a yummy yogurt dip and dyed it purple to complete the rainbow(strawberry yogurt and a spoonful of cool whip:)

then with the busted watermelon, i cut a wild watermelon bowl
just a jagged edge and then filled it with cut up yummy fruit
you can't see the bowl very well, but you get the picture
pumpkin carving style

just a couple fun fruit ideas to keep um guessin'
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