Guest post by Jake R

I like to take pictures.
This is me taking pictures with an old-fashioned camera.
I didn't really take the pictures, but my mom just made me hold it.
I think the second picture is too bright, it's ok.....

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These are the pictures of my bigger family members and my special lego thing I made.
Here are all the different guys there are in my lego thing: clone troopers, an ewok, a tauntaun, princess Leia, a rebel soldier, and a clone walker.
There are two trees... in my lego thing.
My dad sometimes takes me to the pool.
Ty sometimes plays legos with me.
And my mom takes care of me.
I took pictures of these things cause I wanted to be a guest on this blog.
That was the end of Jake's guest blog.


  1. To Jake: I love your Lego forest. It's very very awesome. Your lego forest is very very interesting. Love, Nate

  2. I like your lego forest. It's very cool. The pictures are cute. The one of Ty and the piece of corn is funny. It's fun being your friend. Sophie

  3. Jake, you're a great guest post writer. I like how you used pictures AND words to tell something about yourself. You showed us what is important to you. I hope you do more guest posts soon.

  4. Great photos Jake. Awesome blog. Much love Daddy.