The reeds go watermelon pickin'

On Tuesday our plans got canceled.
Good plans.
For the second day in a row.
For those of you who know Jake, it is not a stretch to get from canceled plans to tears and yelling,
"are we EVER gonna have fun with our friends this summer?!!?"
blank stare from mommy
But then a friend of mine rescued us!
She invited us to Tanaka Farms with her family.
Summer is saved!
That was close.
So here is.....

"the reed kids go to the farm"

"Ella-berry at the farm"

"the reed brothers pick watermelons and then drop one!"
(see that top left picture? that is THE drop.....SPLAT.....then the middle right was the sad wagon ride back :)

"fruits and veggies at the farm"

We had a great time!
Our summer is off a rollicking start!

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