matercolor monday- flowers and james taylor

I had the chance to have some much needed "mommy alone time" this last Wednesday.
So we switched our Watercolor Wednesday to Matercolor Monday.
Still super fun.
We made flowers.
I got the idea from Meg again...gotta love her....everyone does.
And Ella joined us this time.
I really want to say that part was fun.
I love my daughter.
Not sure I love water coloring with her.
I think the problem is that I want to do it too, and if she is around....well she is kinda high maintenance.
Here is her flower

Jake's sunny flower

Ty's "fire flower"

and mine.
did i mention that I love doing this?
if you think mine is irritatingly perfect, wait till aunts grace joins us for a WW.
she is way worse about these kinds of things than I am.
or at least it makes me feel better about myself to say that...
sorry sis(get ready to paint when you get home).
we have issues.
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