{virtual} coffee and ice-cream and popsicles and cookies with my friend amy...

i am deciding to make this post right to amy...but you are not imposing!
join right in!

hi friend!
so glad we could meet today, but i seriously really wish that i could be having real coffee at your house.
i'd drink whatever you were serving even if i'd never tried it before.
and i'd be grateful.
i'd  also want you to to take me on a tour of your beautiful area.
maybe some antique shoppin' and some ice cream???
pretty please?
then i'd want to see the how tall the corn is compared to me.
oh and see fireflies!
i've never seen fireflies...ever.
i wish for that.
i guess i'd have to wait for night?
so maybe it'd have to be night coffee.

are you kids driving you crazy yet?
or are you guys still super into summer?
it seems like you have done a lot of the things on you summer list, huh?
we've done a few and i am starting to regret putting a few of them on there.

oh, by the way, i meant to tell you that i like my alone time at my house too.
sometimes having more kids in the mix really rocks the boat and disturbs a delicate balance...
how's it going with "neighbor boy" today?

well, even though lots of times i feel like that, sometimes it's nice to have some company.
i know you feel that way too.
yesterday Leslie came over to our house with the kids and we had more than our share of junk food and let the kids swim/splash in the blow up pool that is on it's way out (2 days left?) because of holes.
our boys do swim lessons down the street, so before and after that we just had reed house hang out time.
we did some water coloring and ate popsicles
and leslie cut up veggies to dip in hummus and made me a quesadilla in my own kitchen.
isn't that the best?
THEN we made cookies and made the kids eat um all on a picnic blanket so i could take pictures of them...
this is my favorite one.

to make the popsicles that we had  you just have to make
this non-alcoholic recipe for brazilian lemonade.
this is "freak out" good to me (leslie wasn't a fan...though i think you should listen to ME)
i make it and keep it in the fridge.(and spiked with some coconut rum it's not too shabby as a "mommy after hours treat")
in fact i'm having some now.(without rum....promise. it's only 4pm.)

and then fill your popsicle molds 1/3 full of sliced strawberries and then fill it up with that limey fabulousness.

it. is. so. good.
the kids loved um and so did i.

someday we will have a little party of our own i hope, right?

ok, i better go.
i am taking the kids to see mr. popper penguins tonight since reedo is working late.
we just finished the book and they are so pumped up to see it!
i'll let you know how it is....if you haven't seen it yet.

see ya friend!



  1. I love you shirt! Where did you get it! And you are adorable!

  2. Please share your review of Mr. Popper's Penguins! I have the book right here ready to start reading to my kids after How To Eat Fried Worms. I'm afraid it's going to be terribly different from the book. I always hate that.

  3. how was it with lemons instead of limes?

  4. I have heard it is absolutely HYSTERICAL! I hope you all enjoy it. Your tasty treats look and sound so yummy!

  5. i think ella is trying to stick her finger down her throat in that photo because you put brazilian lemonade in her bottle on accident.

  6. ooooh! can i have a popsicle instead of coffee?? they look scrumptious!!

  7. I love that you admitted you are regretting putting some things on your summer list. I have been there! I loved reading this post ;-)

  8. Oh yes, i would take you to all of the best antique stores around. you know the littlest towns have the best-kept secrets, awesome antiques and even better prices!
    yep, we are doing good on our summer list but there are definitely a few things i am regretting too (and may have even been my idea)...hmmm....maybe a little white-out and the kids will never even know they were on the list? ; ) they are driving me crazy, it's official now. oooh, we need to try those popsicles and this mama needs to try the grown-up version for sure, i promise to wait until 5pm though. one of these days i might just be inviting myself out to cali to hang with you and Leslie, i have never been to california!!!
    thanks for cookies and popsicles and no coffee!

  9. Haha...this was cute. And I must advise that you GO FIND SOME FIREFLIES tonight! How is it that you've never seen them? Does Cali not have them? Or just where you live? Theyre so much fun:)

  10. sweet post :) i'm gonna have to try that lemonade concoction...looks super nummy!

  11. You make me happy and I think that we are destined to be best friends.

    let's try.

  12. There are 2 things I am regretting putting on my winter list...so glad it isn't just me. And again, they were my idea!

    Leanne xo

  13. Hi Shauna! I LOVE this post, how cute! I am a new follower, your blog is great! I have the summer off with my three girls and most days I love and cherish it. There are those days when I want to hibernate under a blanket with a good book though too. : )

    Thanks for making me smile!

  14. i like this post.
    it feels like you really are a friend in real life.

    can't wait to try the 'adult' version of the drink.
    yay for malibu!
    coconut flavor tastes good in everything! ha!