she found her long lost brother.

remember this lovely little lady?
(if not click here or here.)

well, on a lovely (hot) trip to the flea market on sunday, i found her long lost brother.
i wasn't looking for him.
and maybe i should have been since my sweet little ty is always trying to sit on the red one and he has to get down.
 that one is sorta ella's since she is the smallest and needs stools more,
but really there is only a few inches  of difference between them....
i found him one!
and i gotta say, it's exactly the same stool.
with different paint, but still.
here he is....
can you believe that peely paint!?
with red underneath!?
he inspired a little photo shoot with the owners of the stools, of course
be warned, they were in rare form....

i know. i know. what in the world?

now he we just need to pick a number for me to put on it.
he's thinking 8.
(which is the age jake is turning and therefore ty's favorite number)
i'm thinking 6.

also, don't you think it'd be lovely if my kitchen had this now?

so the kids can eat cereal on their stools at the bar part (on the other side)
yah, i am dreaming of that.

linking with heather....better late than never.



  1. Love love love love. Take me shopping with you someday. Please?

  2. ohmyGOSH! score!!! i bet you're just thrilled.......i'm ecxcited FOR you! : )

  3. I saw on your pintrest you were wondering how to do your hair in that pretty braid across the back of your hair so i thought i could help a girl out!! Here is a link for a tutorial video she shows you how to do it! I've tried it myself and its very cute!! Best of luck! Love your Blog by the way!


  4. oh my goodness - those are some precious pictures!

  5. oh yeah, she had to find her long lost sibling and how much more perfect could the color be? it's like they were made for you!!! : ) love the pics of ty and ella, too stinkin' cute.

  6. what a great find! makes me want to go junking!

  7. How awesome! And your pictures totally made me smile tonight! Great post!

  8. What adorable pictures!!! Too cute.

  9. I CANNOT believe you found that stool!Wahoo! great pictures.

  10. hot tamales!
    it couldn't be a more perfect find.
    the paint color is perfection.
    so are those photos.

  11. that girl has got some awesome calves.

  12. make it all stop! dying over the cuteness.

  13. absolutely positively delicious.

  14. dude. those pictures. you got seriously lucky on those. my fav is the toe touchers.

  15. Ty's little freckles. swoon...

  16. oh my gosh...
    the love... the LOVE!!!!!!
    please tell me they're not always like that?!?!
    you're gonna make me feel like an awful momma with my two girls hitting and kicking and scratching one another day in and day out during these summer holidays.
    those pics are SOOO precious!
    you could do such a cute collage with them for your kitchen.
    and the blue and red together?!?!?
    could it be more perfect?
    LOVES it!
    good score.
    it was meant to be.

    (oh my... that pic of ella stroking ty's face?!?!? priceless!!!!)

  17. adore adore adore! i think i need to be on the lookout for these.

  18. i can't handle anything in this post. my heart is swelling. and is it september yet???