three. more. days.

oh for heaven's sake.
is school out?
how bout now?

how 'bout now?

please let summer start!

three more days.
and then i will promise to immediately start complaining about 
the craziness of having my kids around my body constantly.
not really.
but you know i will eventually.
i mean i'll clean it up and call it, "they really need some structure", of course.
but you'll know it's me complaining.

i will miss ella and mommy time alone though.
(happy ella)
(naughty ella)

(lovely ella)
(angry ella)
(shy ella)

....but i promise that when summer comes i will try to get my real camera out more so that i can stop cramming my instagram photos down your throat.
i know it's getting to be A LOT of instagram, dude.
it's just so easy.

but i did take this with my camera.

still do you really want me to leave out this....

or this!

or this!
 just because i took it with my phone, and all my instagram people saw it like 5 days ago!??

what about this!
(i want this for myself. i'm not sharing.)

and this!?

ok ok, i'll stop.
but just one more tiny one.
you won't be sorry.

you know you love me.



  1. Love that last one !! instagram does make it so easy !! My poor kiddos have no real pics of them lol. Its all on my phone.

  2. niiiice, love that last one :) i can't believe schools still going for you! that stinks!! hope your week goes fast.

  3. you are too CUTE and I LOVE iphone pix.
    I take them NON STOP all the time LOL!

  4. Dont worry-youre not the only ones in the country that are still in school. Here in NY hubbys not done til Friday. His students are done tomorrow but being a teacher he has to stay even later.(yet our girls have been done for two weeks-one was homeschooled; one went to private school this year) It stinks. So do taxes. But hey...thats NY & Cali for ya!

  5. ha ha!
    i am so bad for instagram too.
    i hardly ever use my DSLR now.
    it's a shame, really.
    but it's just so darn EASY!
    and that's what works for us moms, right?
    FWIW, i do like the instgram pics.
    they're fun... different (well, not so much anymore)... and SIMPLE!!
    woo hoo!
    makes blogging so much easier as of late.
    for me, at least!
    love the wino pic!
    ha ha ha ha!

    oh, and don't worry... we're not done school yet either.
    you're lucky you're done before the weekend.
    we still have 5 more days.
    done on the 28th.
    sigh... soon!
    summer SOOOOOOON!
    then i'll be saying the same thing to wish 'em back into school.

  6. love all of your instagram pics. ugh...it must be hard to still be in school when it seems like summer, huh? oh, i so want that old school woody for the calico critters shauna-but no, not for charlotte but for me : ) she has a bunch of those bunnies and cats and every time we are at that toy store i tell the kids i want that and wyatt told eric he wants to get it for me for my birthday. and the vw, love!

    school out yet? ; )

  7. sophie has the calico critters camper. she probably won't share it with you though. you could ask. i want that sangria right NOW.

  8. i love your instagram pics cuz i'm not on instagram.
    also, is that calico critters playset new in stores or vintage? cuz i want it too!

  9. i am fine with instagram.
    dont stop.

    i have similar photos like the last one.
    we should take one together! ha ha ha

  10. I cannot remember the last time I didn't use instagram. My favorite part is being about to instantly send it to Flickr - then when I go to blog, it's already right there for me ;-) I just can't motivate myself to lug out my big camera and all its cords....