{virtual} coffee flavored drink!?

guess what!?
i am drinking a light vanilla frappucino!
and i like it.

here's the story:
i want to have cute bottles like this for us to drink milk out of....

so i was thinking that these are sorta that shape...

i bought myself a 4 pack.
then i thought i should try them, to not be wasteful.
and i actually LIKE them!
not too bitter and coffee-ish at all!
a little sweet.
i could only drink half, but still...
a coffee drink!

now, i also bought some mr. clean magic erasers
(to clean off the bottles after i removed the labels)
which is the other half to this crazy surprise morning.

let me just say WOW!
i never knew.
i never never knew
(lena, you can smile knowingly, now)
those things are a miracle.
my oven looks amazing!
and walls and baseboards and doors and switch plates.....

this morning was good for so much more than cute milk bottles 
(although the first one turned out great!)
i have a yummy drink and a clean oven too!
who knew?
(well, i bet a lot of you knew all of this)

ps. i just looked up frappuccino bottles on pintrest and i guess i am not the first to think of this...
so, although i am not the most original thinker, 
i am a happy little lady today!
happy tuesday!



  1. hahaha...i bought myself some of those recently to for the same reason! i wan tot have a backyard kid party this summer so i am hoarding them : ) thanks for coffee!

  2. I LOVE these! Can't wait to find some...

  3. love the new look on your blog :). i bought a 4-pk as well to make these cute snowmen ... now i have great summer ideas, too! thank you. ox

  4. Too cute! I love those Frap bottles, I use them all the time as vases for my flowers :)

  5. I have a theory that no one really likes coffee. They just pretend to b/c it's trendy and get hooked. Love the java-free frapps. Green tea is my fave. Then vanilla bean. They have a new coconut cream that i have yet to try. And i would almost leave Dave for Mr. Clean. JKAYY. Kind of. ;)

  6. i love that idea. my husband tells me often that there hasn't been an original idea for 1000 years. LOL. did i make you feel better? hee-hee

  7. There has never been a greater invention that the magic eraser. So far the only thing is hasn't worked on a bad attitude from one of my kids ;)

  8. Ahh! Great idea! (I really did squeal in my head while reading your post). Love!

  9. you didn't know you liked frappuccinos????
    they are so dang good i can't buy them.
    i can't have just one.
    i have to have them all in one day.
    and that is like....a billion calories.
    and $5.
    BUT i love this idea.
    and i am going to do it.
    and guess what....i have a pink fridge to hide them in.
    safe from my kids that drink anything as fast as possible.

    you have all the good ideas.....

  10. Thanks for the info, and for the info on Magic eraser! Woo hoo!