my sisters.

{we really need some updated photos of the three of us.
this was two years ago.
but we have a sister's weekend coming up, so.....}
i have two sisters.
grace and valerie.
they are different, but they both have characteristics that completely remind me of my mom.
they both have been God's love to me at one time or another in these last years.
they have loved me.
they have needed me.
they have trusted me.
they have questioned my decisions.
they have each had a special roll in my life.

grace was 14 when we lost our mom.
she needed me and i really needed to try to help her.
i really needed do my part to help take care of her as best i could.
i was a few months away form giving birth to my first born son.
i was the newest of mothers.
she had just lost her mother.
that created a serious bond. through sisterly love and circumstances.
there is no way to describe what it did for me to have that bond with my sister in the months right after loosing our mother.
there is no way to describe the bond that was created between she and Jake, my newborn son.
the only thing i can think of is that it was not a worldly thing.
it was a blessing from Jesus' compassion and understanding of our pain.
He was comforting me, and gracie, too, i think.
i will never be the same.
gracie will always have a big chunk of my heart.
and that is all a result of my mom leaving this world for her home earlier than we thought.
( i must remember this. i must remember that God's ways aren't my ways)
{look at those sweet eyes! i can't even take it! i start to cry if i stare at um....i love  her so much.}

valerie came home from the middle of her time at college when my mom was clearly in her last chapter of her life.
she was the only sister who had spent time away from our area, thus far.
although that distance may pull on her heart, now.
i can see that it gave her a unique strength, that grace and i hadn't developed.
i think it was independence.
her independence has been a blessing and an example to me.
when hard family times have been hashed up (i know this happens to everyone) she has been clearheaded and wise.
when hearts had been broken and Cindie's family was lonely, Valerie didn't seem frazzled by trying to manage everyone, like i felt inclined to be.
i am not saying that everything was completely smooth for her, i am just saying that she had characteristics that i lacked and i looked to her example and was reminded of my mother.
it is hard to describe how it feels to have this girl on your team.
she's a fighter.
and she is very loyal.
yah, so you really want her on your side.

{i think we both look like our grandma betty in this photo, my little sis is so beautiful to me.
and if you are wondering who is older, the answer is the one with more wrinkles around the eyes....yep.}

so there you have it.
God's love was not lost because i lost my mother.
it was still (and still is) goin' strong.
valerie and gracie are his hands and heart and sassy come backs and honest questions and acts of kindness and loyal support and wise input and, and....well i could go on and on.
thank you GOD!

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  1. You girls are all beautiful! And I was listening to some of Gracie's music online the other night. She has been blessed with a beautiful voice!!!!

  2. I have been blessed with 4 sisters. There is really nothing like having em in your life, is there? What a beautiful testiment you and your sisters are to your mother's love.

  3. this post REALLY makes me really want to have another girl :) LOVE your blog redesign. heather's talent is off the charts.

  4. my 2 sisters are my best friends. they are my heart. are you in the oldest? i am in the middle.
    loved this post.

  5. love this post! and you are too stinkin' cute :) i love that sisterly bond...nothin' like it.

  6. I was the 18 year old baby sister when we lost our Mom. And Dad. You have an amazing perspective on your loss. Really amazing.
    I'm looking forward to your month of celebration!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful sisters with us.

  7. I loved this. I have two sisters myself and they are my BEST friends. My little sister is going to become a mommy for the first time!

    LOVE your blog :)

  8. I am blessed to be the mom of three girls...it is my prayer that they will share the same deep love for each other their whole lives. There is no one like a sister right?!

  9. how beautiful it is to have not just one but 2 sisters, you are so blessed!!! I have one sister, 10 months older than me (and 5 older brothers too)....sisters are a true gift from God!

  10. What a lovely post. I recently lost my wonderful Sister and the pain is tremendous but she has 2 wonderful teenage daughters who need a Mother, they have lost their Mother and I lost my second Mum. I always wanted a daughter but not like this but the strength my Sister gave to me calms me and I know I can be there now for her two like she was there for me.