{virtual} whirl wind...

oh, well hello!
i am glad to meet today.
i have many things swirling around my head.
did you have a nice mother's day?
did you decide to be happy?
i did.
but that choice wasn't as hard as my birthday was.
my husband and kids really put effort into making it special on sunday.
isn't that nice?
i'd like to say either way i would've known my worth as a mother, but i can't be sure....we all know that sometimes i choose that route and sometimes i don't...
but this mother's day the choice was easy.
my mother in law is here(staying with us) and we decided to take her to one of our my favorite places.
the mission.
you know i love that place.
so we went to church together where ty sang on stage.
"my mom"
instead of "my girl"
you know, "i guess you'd say, what can make me feel this way, my mom...talkin' bout my mom"
and they held the mic up to his little mouth when he sang "my mom"

and then Ruby's and we all headed to the mission.
it was really so nice.
then reedo and penny gave me a little time off while ella napped and i went to the mall.
i picked up italian food on the way home which means i didn't cook or clean up one meal that day!
very simple and sweet.

here are some pictures that reedo took that day....
 remember how i said that the kids had to let me take pictures of them on mother's day?
well, jake and ella were....ok with that.
but ty?
he LOVED it!
in fact, when reedo had them all go around saying what they loved about me that night, ty said, "that she takes pictures of us"  WHATwhat?
love that kid.
that's why he get lotsa pictures in here today...

and now it's on!
the countdown.
this week is and will be very busy.
my tiny ty turns 6 years old on thursday....NO IDEA how that is possible.
we are having a rowdy party for him on wednesday afternoon,
treats for his class on thursday morning.
then, he has been invited, with his brother, to test for his karate yellow belt on his birthday night and then reedo and penny and i are gonna take them out to a big guy birthday dinner without ella bear.
then one day to pack and i am off to Bendy Benders to meet up with my sisters!!
three days with special sisters bonding, and then reedo is flying up to join me and bike with his best pal('member he lives up there too?)
all that until saturday!
with grandma penny holdin' down the fort for me until i return!
crazy and awesome, right?
i. am. so. excited.
i have so much to do!
laundry, lunch prep, schedule for grandma, packing, party favors, clean the downstairs bathroom(cause i just went in there and it smells like little boy pee), be nice to everyone, loose some weight, look at my adorable new wreath from danielle, make cupcakes, wrap presents, charge my camera, more laundry, eat some cookies, take 6 year pictures of ty, make sure grandma knows the places to go for pick up and drop off and karate and everywhere....

but even though i have all that to do, i still took the morning off(apparently you can do that when your mother in law is close by....crazy!) and got this little cutie...
she keeps me cool while i do the dishes...

so that's me today.
hope you are doing well and that you are choosing happy today, but if you aren't, don't worry.
tomorrow, is another day....
(i know, i'm a drama queen)



  1. awesome pictures shauna....i love the mission as well...so much history in one place!! Wow you Do have a jam packed week and weekend! I hope you enjoy every minute!


  2. oooh, i think i need a penny...i do, i do! : ) and i need a get-away with my sister...or husband or somebody....anybody! your mother;s day sounds wonderful, no cooking and cleaning=bliss. what a big week, can't wait to hear all about ty's birthday and your girl's trip...all of it!

  3. i swear you are a girl after my own heart drama and all ;p, i am so glad you had a lovely mothers day with those precious littles.This week sounds super hectic but also crazy awesome,oh the lives we lead with all our munchkins:) i hope you have an awesome time.take lots of pictures...k? ...oh of course you will:)

  4. What a busy week ahead you guys have - exciting! Loving your mother's day photos and how sweet the song would have been "my mom"!!

  5. Wow, you are a busy lady this week. Have a wonderful time with your sisters!

  6. what happiness :) And that little fan on your sink=love. oh and I love your curtains too. Turquoise blue and bright red are fabulous. Totally fabulous.

  7. you look so cute in that dress and boots!

    bb's to you. try to guess what that means. i'll give you $100 if you get it right.

  8. FYI. not really gonna give you $100. but you should still guess.

  9. I love the mission pictures.and I love that you have a picture of you taking a picture. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's day!