come with me...

well hello!
did you notice my simply lovely blog make over!!??
heather is such an artist, huh?
she could do one for you too, ya know.

now, come along with me and i will take you on a lovely little afternoon trip.
first of all, wanta see what my kids see me as lots of the day?
yah, i look so super friendly, huh?

i simply love ella's bathing suit this year.
wish they made it in my size.
somehow i think my legs might look a little....different than that.
i also tried braiding a strip of fabric into her hair this weekend and it turned out so sweet!
i tied mine with the same kind of strip, twice(way easier) and we got our pictures taken by Jake.

then i sad goodbye to those little rascals and took saturday afternoon off....yessssssss.
i went to the mission.(my fav)

i brought a book and my ipod.

this is me in a little bell corner.
i stayed there for about an hour.
i had a strapless dress on.
i  was not naked at the mission.
(sorry reedo, i know you think that'd be awesome.)

see? that's my spot.
right where my purse was sitting.
i listened to Tim Janis.
it's dramatic instrumental music.

then i headed over to the old barn and saw some beauties.....
but no purchasing.
just looking and relaxing and dreaming...

pretty lovely, huh?

i had to link up with heather today since i have so much loveliness happening.
but tomorrow i will share the first two ladies in my mother's day series...so check back.

don't forget to click over and see heather.
and check out her blog design site...you will be so happy that you did.




  1. I love this post...oh for a Saturday alone with a book. I can't even imagine what that would be like.

  2. ummmmmm ya. heather pretty much inspires me and i wish i was half as good as she is. and your daughter's swimsuit kinda makes me want to have a girl even though i want all boys. and i agree, my thighs would look twice the size that they already are in it. andddddd i like your blog.

  3. your blog looks amazing and so does your alone time at the mission!
    i want a swimsuit like ellas too! sooo cute. everything about this post was lovely! :)

  4. Love your new blog design!!!! It is perfect! So glad you enjoyed your day at the mission...lovely, indeed!

  5. looove the new look! love the colors, love the whole feel. that swimsuit is the cutest, and i'm so excited for your afternoon alone :)

  6. Your blog design is awesome. Heather is amazingly talented. Any alone time sounds perfect right about now. Glad you fully enjoyed yours!

  7. Ive already told you how much I love the new look around here:) Im dying for a bloggy makeover myself but Im weighing the options.
    Love Ella's suit. LOVE that purse and love that you got some quiet time to yourself. And you had me laughing at the part about "being naked at the mission." You goof:)

  8. shauna-love the new look here, heather is just too cool for school. oh, an afternoon to yourself...sounds perfect, hope you had a great day. and yes--lots of loveliness here-the bathing suit, the braids, a book AND your ipod, and you--simply beautiful! : ) happy monday!

  9. Great blog design! Molly did mine! That swimsuit is soooo cute. And a day alone? With book? Jealous!

  10. Just love your blog makeover - and what a cool bathing suit! Totally want one of those. You always make me smile.

  11. Heather roolz. I love your turquoise background! Your day off looks fab. (But we all know you were naked at the mission....)

  12. your blog looks amazing! i'm glad you got a day off. i need one. xoxo

  13. beautiful blog!! what a great day off!! beautiful photos :)

  14. so freaking awesome. need to do this.

  15. Love the new blog design! Your Saturday sounds awesome and I love that Mission it is beautiful :)

  16. Naked? Mission? What?...I love blogs.

  17. LOVE your new blog design. :)

  18. loved this post !! And Love the new design !!

  19. the blog looks gorgeous Shauna. (of course) how do you feel about your decision to outsource the design? to pay money for this "play" of blogging? For me - putting money into my photography feels so scary!

    Also I would like to cast my vote with Reedo - always naked always.

    ps. I will be so miss being featured on your sidebar as one of your favorites. Some days I would just come by and look at it to help myself remember I'm loved.

  20. i want a swimsuit like Ella !! your blog looks amazing too. as for the ribbon that is exactly how my mom did my hair when i was little. i always had ribbon braided through my braids and i rememeber the boys would make fun of me.

  21. L O V E your blog and the wreath you bought? it had your name allll over it!! it is so YOU and i am so happy it will be hanging in your pretty house! i love you friend! prayers of comfort for you this mothers day.

  22. i think YOU are lovely.
    and if anyone can pull of being naked at the mission, it is you my friend.

  23. Fantastic. And I adore that swimming suit.