in honor of mother's day

it's may!
mother's day is almost here.

let me tell you why i love mother's day.
it's because my people know i get to take tons of pictures that day and they can't complain(well, i mean, they CAN, but i don't have to listen and then i make them stop since it's my special day)
the thing is, i am the mom around here.
so it gets to be about what i like to do.

let me tell you why mother's day stinks.
it's because i miss my mom.
i would, of course, share "my day" with her in a heart beat.
but, she's not here with me, and i don't like that.

do you wanta know how i have gotten through....8 mother's days without being torn apart by these two very different feelings waring in my heart?
i have taken a good look around me.
and do you know what i see?
lots of love.

now, my mother was very special.
she listened to me,
she advised me,
she laughed a lot,
she gave me whatever she had,
she trusted me,
she needed me (a little),
she was a good example to me,
she admired my gifts,
she challenged my ideas,
she respected my choices,
she never ever left me,
she pushed me,
she loved me with all she had.
and guess what?
if those things are what God gave me in my mother, then she is not  really gone.
because God is still giving me those things.

in the beginning of my life, God loved me through my mom and dad.
that list above was His love for me.
and now there are other people who have taken over as God's instruments.
in honor of my mother, i will take the this month to honor those who have unknowingly filled her shoes in my life.
i will share, with you, some really great people that have blessed my life in the last few years.
these lovely friends may not know it, but they are walking in Cindie Laxson's size nine platform flip flops (remember when EVERYONE wore those?? ew.)
and that is one of the greatest compliments i can think of.
stay tuned.



  1. This post moved me to tears. How very special. :) ~Crystal

  2. What a beautiful post, in honor of a beautiful woman. I love the photo. Wow! Praise God for great woman of faith & love!

  3. Beautiful post - you mum is beautiful too! Such a wonderful idea. xoxo

  4. what a sweet post :) what a sweet mama :)

  5. i look forward to your posts and i LOVE your new blog look!

  6. Printing this list so I can strive to do them all.

  7. lovely post. and i love your new blog look...you amaze me how you're always changing it up. that's talent! :)

  8. a super lovely tribute. and i love that picture. i love the way your mom is looking at you...like she totally adores you. what a sweet moment.

  9. Um hello...LOVE the new blog look. I think Im next:)
    This was such a beautiful post. How awesome is it that some day you'll be reunited with your momma, Shauna?! What a sweet reunion that will be. Hugs to you all this week my friend.

  10. how did i miss this post the other day? so outta the loop. i just had to say before i forget that i love the way you worded how God provides for us. i love how you said that if my mom was those things, then she's not really gone, because God is still giving them to me. that perspective can be applied to lots of situations and changes in our lives, and i will think about this post again, i know it.