'round here-camera phone edition

these are the pictures from my i phone in the last week....

 naps in undies

a middle part makes me see my momma every time i pass my reflection...and no i am not pregnant, just leaning on the sink to give you that illusion...you are welcome.  
(ps. that necklace lasted 5 min. before it was ripped off and broken)

pay per view offered "babes and toyland"!!!
i have looked for that before to show the kids, but never found it.
i LOVED that movie when was little.

jerry's dogs with my babies
(i get my dog with spicy brown mustard and sauerkraut)

this typewriter is so beautiful...and also over $100...dumb.

first pool day of the season

we went before jake got out of school...
you can imagine his face when he found out.
poor guy

ella loves the baby pool this year.

ty loves the snacks.

we are addicted to grilled corn on the cob.
aren't you?

i made this recipe of strawberry limeade.
it is so darn good.
i love the vanilla in it.
sound weird?
it's good, trust me.

eatin' corn and drinkin' limade in yer panties.
does it get any better?

me and my limade (by tiny ty)

i got this dress for 9 dollars at forever 21.
and that necklace for myself from my birthday wish list.
you can get one here.

this is tape.
dollar bin at michaels.

ty keeps picking me roses...

that camera is my new pencil sharpener from z gallery.

this is the book i am reading right now.
it is so super good.
it is kinda da vinci code-ish, but about the story of romeo and juliet.
you should read it.


  1. Your pictures make it look like Summer!!! I'm glad it has warmed up here in CA as long as it stays warm.

  2. lotsa good ones!! love them, and cute dress!

  3. loooove the babes n toyland picture - I was IN.LOVE. with that movie growing up. That tape is too cute, too...need to make a Michael's run (our Michael's up here isn't good, such a bummer - one in Mission Viejo is so much better...)

    Such happy pictures .... Happy Summer Days are ahead, for sure! xoxo

  4. Just went to Michaels for the first time the other day and found lotsa goodies.
    I always love your posts. Your vintage look pics are the best.
    And Im totally jealous that you're gettin pool time. WHATEVER Shauna:)

  5. i just happened upon your blog thru another one...and i TOTALLY dig it! i'm a new follower and i can't wait till i have some time to read your older posts...nice to meet ya :)
    ps: i'm alicia

  6. Spicy brownykraut!! My fave. Hands down.

  7. I love all of these pictures. so very much.
    and that typewriter...well....i have one.

  8. bwah hahah - best line ever: "eatin' corn and drinkin' limade in yer panties." oh hell yeah that's how I want to live my life.

    and yes. the center part is all Cindy all the time. it looks beautiful on you Shauna.

  9. you bought yourself the necklace...yay! it looks gorgeous, shauna. limeade...corn grilled out...swimming, roses and that fabulous sunlight...some of my most favorite things!