'round here....it's my birthday

it's my birthday.
so here is a little birthday tour of my home and life today.

this is my door.

here is my mantle, my new basket to hold our juice and glasses, and my new crustless sandwich presses.

here is our embarrassingly giant pack of noodles (known as kung-fu noodles by the reed kids), a star wars cupcake pack that i splurged on (those reed kids don't even know about um!), awesome sponges, and a stack of new(used from the $1 book fair) magic treehouse books that jake will read in one week.

oh gosh, this is the good part!
these are my new chairs.
i know.

this is my stash of peanut butter eggs (guess what? no one else in my house likes um! yessssss),
and also some little bird eggs on my mantle.

this is my new iphone
yes that is a mickey mouse cover (ella picked it...i am selfless, i know)
and that second photo is my special area on my phone that i have just for a few of the blogs i like looking at everyday.  you know, for the school pick up line and waiting in the karate studio.

these are my latest craze.
fabric bracelettes.
inspired by a tutorial that heather did a while back but i couldn't find to link...hmmm
this is my take on her idea (that i am just remembering out of my amazing brain).
i have been adding cute little bows and ties and rosettes....they are so fun to make!

this is the little girl who refused to model the bracelets for you,
 but then got lured in by their charms.
see her out there in the backyard looking in?
and then before i knew it, she had um all on!

this is my new metal wall bike.

this is my hoop art from my pal.

this is the new arrangement of my living room table.
complete with my amazing photo display piece i found at the flea market and fixed up.
it also includes more hoop art from that same super sweet pal and that rad picture of my "super" sons (up top).
this is my sink.
(not too bad, huh?)
there are NOT dishes on the other side. really.

this is what i do when our special friend, grandma lois, has the kids over to her house for play dough, legos and board games in the afternoon.
toes in the sand.
book in my lap.
waves crashing.

this is a sign i made myself.
because i just love that lyric.

happy birthday to me.

linking to heather....on this lovely, 32 year old monday...


  1. Happy birthday! Your house is adorable :)

    (How did you get the blogs on like that? Is that only an iPhone 4 thing? I have a 3GS and I'm not sure if I can do that or not...)

  2. Happy Birthday! I did indeed swoon over those chairs.

  3. What I would five to be 32! I pray you enjoyed your day. Your home is gorgeous.

  4. happy birthday sweet friend!!
    i hope you have a beautiful day!

    i love everything about this post. i'm going to try to catch up right now w/ your other posts i missed while on vacay.

    i LOVE that tune my heart to sing thy grace.
    i might need to purchase one from you. i am not kidding.

    i also love robin's egg blue everywhere.
    and i love PB eggs. i wish i could eat them with you right now for breakfast…on your bday.

    HAPPY DAY! :)

  5. Hope you are having a Happy Birthday!!
    I love your home - especially that sign at the end of your post, VERY cool!

  6. Happy Happy Day Shauna! I love that you love your birthday. Im the same way(and mines in 11 days).
    I always love the peeks into your fabulous home and Leslie's hoop art is beautiful!
    Have a very special day

  7. Happy Birthday, dear Shauna!
    I too loved everything about this post. It's Monday, but a giant coffee, sleeping children, and these images just started my week off right! I love all the shots of happy you seem to have in your home. I need even more of those around mine. I love that sign you made- could we get a tutorial on that one?
    I hope your birthday is so very special. I hate having birthdays during on a weekday, but I hope you can enjoy yours, even if it's just a "normal" day. I wish I could take you out for some iced tea (no Diet Coke, right?)! :)

  8. Happy, happy birthday!
    And I must say that I GASPED at the sight of those aqua chairs. Swoon, indeed!!!

  9. Happy birthday! so in love with those chairs!!

  10. happy birthday!! everything in your home is beautifl!

  11. Oh my...lots of eye candy goin' on!! Happy Birthday!!!

  12. It's all simply wonderful! Happy birthday! :)

  13. ummm, so much to love in these pics. i can't choose. i will say, i love those peanut butter eggs as well. why do they only come once a year? sadness. better eat a year's worth...ha!

  14. Happy happy birthday! I love your style in your home.

  15. The Tune My Heart to Sing Thy Grace sign is seriously awesome. That is an amazing line.
    Happy Birthday Shauna!

  16. Happy Birthday! What a fun birthday! I really enjoy your style - awesome arrangements. :)

  17. happy birthday to you girl!!!
    Have fun....
    love the pic of the boys in their undies....my little one is running around in his right NOW!!!!! HAHAHAHA


  18. happy birthday!! thanks for giving US such a fun birthday treat :)

    i'm obsessed with your house! so bright and fun and filled with loveliness. i am for sure, today, copying your front door hanging. that is amazing.

    oh, and like danielle said, PLEASE sell the "tune my heart to sing thy grace" sign to us, in custom colors... ha!

    happy birthday!!

    PS i love all the hoop art by your "pal". you two are seriously talented. it's ridiculous.

  19. Happy, happy birthday to you!

  20. Happy day to you! Great, great post.
    Where did you get that wall bike?
    and LOVE the sign, favorite lyrics of mine too.

  21. happy birthday! here are a few things i have to say about this post:
    1. the "take your life" wall hanging thing is up in miles' room.
    2. i also have the star wars cupcake deals.
    3. i get a little nervous nellies when there are any red numbers on my phone home page. so that red 45 on your email thing - yikes.

  22. happy happy birthday sweet lady!
    i hope you have a most wonderful day cause you deserve every ounce of it.

    i love seeing peaks into your life and house. it's like a gift for us! p.s. i need one of those lyric signs that you made yourself. it's ca-ute!!!

    p.s. your bracelets are ridiculously cute! the link is over at annalea's place. it was s guest post i did.

  23. I ALWAYS forget that our birthdays are so close together. Happy birthday cousin. It's like you've made your house into paradise.

    Pretty please, do you have tips for me as I turn 30 in two days?

  24. this is a wonderful post. happy birthday to YOU!!! what a treat that you get a little time to yourself. a book and sand in toes sounds like the perfect way to get there.
    now how do i get to become a blog you read everyday.
    i am trying to be cool enough.

  25. i love your sign! what a good prayer/thought/reminder!! i loved looking at your blog....sooooo colorful, and vibrant!! must follow!! thanks!!


  26. im SO inspird by your house! :) Happy Birthday!!

  27. Happy Birthday! Loved the peek into your home today - it's so full of lovely!

  28. happy birthday!
    love all the teal in your house!
    i could eat peanut butter eggs for every meal forever and not get sick of them. they are so good. everyone in my family likes them though so i have to hide them!
    lol hope your day is wonderful like you are! :)

  29. happy birthday to a very talented and seriously stylish little momma! :)
    love the pics of your home! so HAPPY!

  30. Happy Birthday!! Loved this post. Love those chairs. Love those bracelets. Love that lyric.

    Hope you had a wonderful day.

  31. Happy Birthday Shauna! I was on here earlier today and had a looooong comment and then lost internet service, I was not happy! : (
    32? awww, you're just a baby! : ) I love your home tour and all the little details, you are like me Shauna, you like stuff-lots of stuff! I love Reesee's eggs, by far my favorite Easter candy. I adore the blue chairs, the gum ball machines, the photo display thing, your kitchen counters and the cupcake kit--what an awesome mom! The bracelets are adorable and I think you should be selling those, seriously. I hope you had a wonderful day and got to do something special...and I hope someone bought you one f those necklaces from your sidebar! : D
    XO amy

  32. happy birthday sweet shauna.
    that was a fun tour.
    i need to pick pu my camera...it has been lazing around to much this past week.
    hope your birthday was good. fabulous. excellent.

  33. What a great post! Oh yes, I totally stalk you but have never commented before. :) You are beautiful inside and out and your posts can make me smile but also challange me as a woman and a Christian. Thank you for that.

    Have a fabulous birthday!


  34. Happy birthday! hope it was great, and yes I love the chairs too! Great job on the bracelets; they're awesome. But here's my most important point - did you love Jane Erye? It is my most favorite of favorites! I just saw the new movie..sigh!
    Thanks for the post!

  35. happy birthday, girl! and i want to steal that sign. like yesterday. my fave hymn. "prone to wander, Lord i feel it. prone to leave the God i loooooove. here's my heart o take and seal it. seal it for thy courts above." it will be in my head all day. and that's a great thing. :)

  36. Happy Birthday (one day late)!

  37. those chairs are RIDICULOUS! i'm on the hunt for good chairs right now.

    hapy birthday!

  38. can i move in?
    your house is so lovely!
    it's so homey and quaint and warm!
    plus, you live near the beach.
    major jeal there!
    i hope you had a wonderfully smashing birthday.
    yeah for '79 girls!!!! it was a great year, eh?
    my bday is in sept '79.
    and look at you with the sweet sign!?!?
    can you be any more creative?
    pfffffttt! share the wealth, lady!! ;)