on my mind...

i have a lot on my mind.

jake's heritage report (due friday).

my husbands upcoming backpacking trip that seem to be all consuming :)

snacks (aren't they always on my mind?).

new signs i want to paint.

my next wildflowers shoot (in june).... be ready to be blown.a.way.

my friends who all met up with me on tuesday, for my birthday, and gave me this....you KNOW i wanted it so so bad.


a new skirt i am making for ella bear.

my sisters (always on my mind) and our upcoming sister's weekend in Bend(fav).

frames for some new art that i found at the Old Barn the other day for $4.

sweet pea fields.

wondering WHY i can't keep my house clean.

feeling sad(not guilty) about sucking at 40 bags for 40 days...even after i told you i'd do it.

ty's on again off again anxiety about a boy at kindergarten.

sewing on karate patches.


needing to call an old friend, but can't make time.

the shirts i forgot to pick up at the cleaners for reedo.

deciding to be happy.

and all of these things seem to fade when i wonder what i can do to help this guy...

i am sure you have seen him on other blogs.
isn't he a sweetheart?
please go and read his mother's words and donate a few(ten) bucks.
it just takes a minute.
i really try not to do a lot of "donate this and that" since this is a simple family blog
but this one i just had to give you a chance to see, if you haven't already.
his momma is trying to bring him home.
plus meg asked me to do a post and you know it's hard for me to say "no" to that rainbow lady!

do you have a lot on your mind too?


  1. Thank you so much for writing this post! I am grateful for your help in bringing Sergey home, your gift means the world to us:) God bless!


  2. do you think my family could maybe just sneak into the background of your wildflowers photo shoot? oh, never mind the hillbillies from illinois over there...: ) i can't wait to see how they tuen out this time, so exciting! sounds like you have a lot going on. i hope the boy at school leaves ty alone...why do we have to worry about this stuff, anyway? grrrrrr. oh wow, you have awesome friends, that beautiful camera bag! hope you had a great birthday...now off to read about that little cutie in the picture...

  3. YAY!!!
    he was worth the guilt trip.
    He deserves a mama to love him.
    so much.
    he has waited long enough.