oh yah! eggs are awesome....

not sure if that is true.
but to see why i just have to sing the phrase, "oh yah! eggs are awwwwesome!"
watch the video (below) of my kids.
(dude, be sure to turn the volume down, high volume runs in our family)
they sing that all day.
about everything....
yah, and i am NOT going crazy.
at all.
i love that song.
i sing it in my sleep, in the shower, in my car when i'm alone(oh yah, i'm NEVER alone...well if i was...), and now you can see i even post it.
"oh yah!_______is awesome" is my FAVORITE!
(insert demented smile here)

i know you must enjoy that as much as i do....

****added later****
i just realized that there is annoying delay on the video that makes an annoying song even MORE ANNOYING to me...ha!
there is NO WAY i am doing that video again though, i think you get the picture.


  1. LOL! thats not leaving my head for a long...while:)i love the fact your daughter thinks it is time to strip and you have to pull her dress down.haha you have adorable babies:)

  2. that video is hilarious. love the caring mom hands guarding modesty. so cute.

  3. Best video ever. The delay! Cracks me up. Like cracks me up so much that my husband is staring at me like I'm a crazy person.

  4. Um...and what the heck are you teachin your daughter? She was gettin ready to take it all off for the camera.:) hahaha. Love her blankie. Ive used that fabric for lots of handmade goodies.

  5. ha ha ha! that is totally my kids! love it!
    what makes me laugh the hardest is ella pulling her dress up and you yanking it down!
    that also would for surely happen in this house of mine!
    if you think you're crazy than we are all on the crazy train, me thinks.
    great shots of all your easter eggies!
    so colorful and FUN!

  6. The "Oh yeah" part is my fav, and that your kids sing this. I can also never show this to my kiddos in fear that they might pick it up, and start singing it too!! Love the Reed kids!! Miss all of you so much!!

  7. so fun. and that video is super cute! reminds me of my kids!

  8. my favorite part is the hand entering on the right to pull the dress back down....a MOM move if i have ever seen one!
    love it.


  9. So flipping cute, and I adore all the picts