april showers....

i love rain.
did you know that about me?
it doesn't come that often around here, but when it does, i love it.
yesterday it started to rain, big sloppy drops just as we were making hot chocolate marshmallow milk with pink heart marshmallows floating.
we each grabbed a blanket and had a snuggle feast as we waited for daddy to ride home from a (very soggy) bike ride.

my little friends were so sweet to each other!
this is not always the case, so i had to get the camera...
the reed brothers have so many faces...
kisses for their big brother....
snugly blankets all in a pile....we started to forget we were waiting.

such sweet moments.
i have a very good life.


we got home tonight as a HAIL storm started.
i am telling you, i have never seen anything like it in my city.
it is unheard of!
Reedo was the most excited...
he ran out to the street with his arms spread wide
he collected  up ice and made a VERY cold snowball that i made him hold while i ran inside for my camera.
jake was the only kid awake since Ty and Ella were asleep from a late car ride, and he was so thrilled to be out in the street and freaking out with the grown ups...
what a treat!


  1. Such precious pics - you are blessed alright!! That hail stone ball is amazing!

  2. super cool hail storm! i love the rain too, but we have been blessed with alot this season so i am ready for sunshine. i love all the memories you are able to capture of your children together. my oldest doesn't come around very often so i don't get many photos of my boys together.

  3. Cute little people you have! So lovely to catch those moments when they are all getting along!!
    I'm expecting bubba #3 in a couple of months so it's always nice to see and hear of siblings getting along well together :)
    That hail storm is CRAZY! Love your photos, especially the last one.

  4. That hail storm is nuts. We just had one last week...the day before it snowed! Ugh.
    Hope you have a great weekend Shauna:)

  5. i love the pics of your kiddo's lovin' on each other! such sweet moments - they must be captured!!

  6. oh my i love all your pictures! the ones of the kids are so priceless!
    that storm seems really cool too.

  7. WOW, that is some big hail! and we see hail here in the midwest! i bet jake loved being awake for that, one of those things he will probably always remember. sounds like an exciting friday night! and i love the pics of all three kids snuggling together, i love when they get along like that...if only momentarily. happy saturday shauna!

  8. love the pics gurl!!! You really outdid yourself with this post!!! LOVES!!!


  9. Such cute photos! I'm loving the gap toothed smiles on your boys.

  10. what adorable little ones you have!

    i love rain too...when it's warm.
    hate freezing rain....but CA prob. doesn't have that too much either.
    it's awful.

    sweet pictures.

  11. You must live in OC. It was so crazy! We loved it though, my son was excited that it was "snowing".

  12. awesome pics.
    i love the rain too. the smell...it's my fave.