oh happy day!

i know
i know
this "oh happy day" thing is so over used on the reed life.
and really, good friday is super.....serious, to me.
i know that it is a good day.
but i don't think i'd use the word "happy"
i feel kinda sick.
i usually do on good friday. feel sick, i mean.
i woke up this morning and felt like wearing black (gasp)
so i did.
a black sweater and and a grey skirt.
i still haven't put on any make up.
i just feel off.
and sick (did i mention that?)

i kept the kids home today.
we slept in, made a big breakfast, made resurrection rolls, and did a buncha worksheets and coloring pages that i printed off the internet.
this is the second year i have done this.
the kids are actually totally happy to stay home even though there is a bunch crazy bunny/easter egg stuff happening in their classes.
there is just so much wasted time happening during these "celebrations" and i just can't stand that on easter.
easter. you thought i freaked out on christmas?
good friday just NEEDS to be respected in my opinion.
and ridiculous eggs and bunnies do not feel respectful to me.
i am not shaking my finger at any one in particular....just, like i said, feeling sick about what happened on the cross.
so i am telling myself over and again that my "happy day" is coming.
but also allowing myself to feel really really sad about how it had to come to be.

but seriously, sadness can't get too far when i have this fella around....
look at how happy and ridiculous and silly and amazing he is.

how long can i feel sick when i am completely aware that all the suffering that Jesus went through was so that my children will live in complete child-like joy through all eternity?
i am grateful.
overwhelmed with gratefulness.

this guy (below) is really starting to grasp the easter concepts this year.
really listening when we do the resurrection eggs.

and she is growing and growing.
and following her brother's every move.

oh happy day!
when jesus washed my(our) sins away.


  1. For years I have felt weird, heavy, sad on Good Friday. I thought it was just me but over the last couple years, and this one more than any other, I have heard people saying the same. I felt odd going about our regular daily life today.I, too, feel like today should be recognized for what it is. I've walked around feeling heavy with sin and shame today. Thankful I don't have to every day. I applaud you for keeping your kids home. I thought about it but ended up sending them to school anyway. I'm glad I did though. In my middle son's class, when his teacher informed the class it was Earth Day, he proceeded to also inform the class today is the day Jesus died on the cross for our sins.
    (sorry for the lengthy comment. my heart is full today and it's nice to know someone else feels the same)

  2. Thanks for giving me something to ponder on. I always try to think of the innocent-ness (is that a word?)of the bunny and egg thing. I totally get what you're saying though. As a mom, it's hard to figure out where the line of right and wrong is.

  3. such an excellent post. your pictures are just gorgeous.
    the holy spirit led me to watch the passion of the christ this year, so i did last night.
    it has upheaved my perspective on easter in the very good ways.
    so, yes, my heart is sorrowful. we are doing resurrection eggs too and i tell wilder, "this is serious, dude."

  4. Beautiful post. Thank you for being so honest. <3

  5. This was a beautiful way to express what this 'Good Friday' represents. I too feel very sad on this day... however, at the same time I feel such gratefulness and thankfulness!

    Thank you for this post...

    Sometimes in the sea of Easter eggs, and bunnies, and jelly beans, I often feel like maybe the only one left that doesn't care a hoot about any of that.

    I want my kids to have a joyous day... at the same time, I want them to know that what we are celebrating has nothing to do with the Easter bunny!

    Thanks! I posted a video slideshow on my blog today, that is has totally moved me this week as I have prepared my heart for Sunday! Check it out! www.bellaslittlerose.blogspot.com

  6. Just found your blog and LOVE this post. I feel the same way on Good Friday. I feel somber and reverent. Since my kids go to a Christian school they are off this week and they don't do the typical Easter mumbo jumbo. My 2 older ones sat in on church service tonight and I think they got a small taste of the brutality of the sacrifice that Jesus made. Thanks for sharing, can't wait til Sunday. He is risen!

  7. love love LOVE those shots!
    esp. that last one!

  8. You're a good mom. Love you. Reedo