red and aqua

you might have noticed, by now, that my favorite colors are red and aqua.
there is just something about that combination that makes my eyes open wider.
and i am not sure if i have mentioned my recent sickness called pinterest.
yah....i have been kinda into that lately.
and when you put those two favorite things together,
this is what you get....

isn't that happy!?
i mean that makes me really really smile.
 you should click on the side bar button the says "i love pinterest" and see more.


and as i was putting that together to share with you, i thought i could make you a special collage of the red and aqua in my house too!
here you go!

ok ok, there may have been some yellow snuck in there....
i like that too.
so have a lovely red and aqua tuesday my friend!
easter is almost here!
that is the holiday that brings me the most hope and true joy....
it's coming soon!


  1. Funny, I was going to suggest that wooden art from Target to you:) Ive had my eye on it for awhile now.
    I am absolutely drooling over these pics. LOVE that bike calendar from Pinterest. Your home is gonna start being tagged on there if you upload your own house pics. Simply lovely!

  2. OMG! I love it! I am addicted to those colors too and orange & aqua

  3. So great! At the start of your post, I was thinking, yes, me too, with a bit of yellow here and there and then you put that in there too. Love it!

  4. i {heart} everything in this post! Everything!!!

  5. red and aqua really are beautiful together :)

  6. hey there's my calendar! and whoa nelly to all that other goodness. wow. like a million times good.

  7. I love it! Great photos, your house looks awesome:)

  8. so cute! I just started doing pinterest and am a little obsessed! love your blog!

  9. have you ever looked at curious george books? they are always in red and aqua and yellow. i just love it.

  10. SO pretty! I have enjoyed watching what you pick on pintrest. I a really loving the mix of aqua and that bright, almost neon green, Do u know what Im talking about? I saw it at Target in some of their paper plates and napkins and fell in love. :)

  11. girl, i had this post on my mind when i painted this!!


  12. i love this all. especially the stuff in your casa. we just did our bathroom in red and auqa :)

  13. Girlie, I have always loved red, it's my favoritest color. However I think you've done something to me, because now I'm totally in love with turquoise (or aqua). So you made a huge impact on me in more ways that one, and now I will forever remember you when I look at my new collection in another new favorite color.

  14. Pinterst is so addicting, right! I love this color combo, and all of your vintage goodness, so fab!!