a grouchy lady edits pictures...

i did it.
i organized and edited my photos from bend.
one thing checked off my list.

but, you should know that ella was in her dress up princess costume all day.
that includes two trips to walmart (gag),
three to the elementary school,
and two fast food restaurants...yep two.
i didn't wear make up or do my hair...at all.
i had that funny head scarf thing on all day.
i also wore head to toe navy blue.
i have nothing against navy, it's just the head to toe part thats kinda depressing.

i was grouchy today.
so give yourself a pat on the back if you smiled a lot today, you did better than i did.
i told the kids that i was in a bad mood.
i thought it would be a good example.
you know? to model just admitting it and asking for some extra understanding?
jake just asked seven hundred and twenty eight questions about why i was in a bad mood....yep....that didn't really help much.
it may have made it just a tad worse.
but it did make me stop and try to figure out what made me grouchy...i think i may be getting sick...that's what i came up with.

my trip to bend was really so great.
i had some super special time with my sisters.
we even went to a little town CALLED sisters.
it had antique shops and a fabric store.

plus a little market that had fountain diet coke(hard to find around there).
we each got one and then there was this little spinner at the front counter and if you spun the slot that said "free drink" you got it free...
we spun two free drinks and it was as if someone had won the lottery...
val yelled and i wooped.(i was not in a bad mood that day)
the guy behind the counter had the giantess smile and we all agreed it was gonna be one of the best memories form our trip...
those two free 99cent drinks...

sisters also had a cute little ice cream shop with cool floors...

one evening val and i went for a walk by the deschutes river.
it was so perfect.  the lighting and the loveliness....

grace and i did some exploring too...
she is a goof ball.

but i finally got to photograph so real clouds...i have a lack of real clouds in california, so i loved finding these...
grace is like reedo, she doesn't shy away from the camera, but she doesn't pose either...or make weird faces (like i do).
i kinda go crazy when they are both just hangin out letting me snap away...
they love me.
we got lots of good time with grace and her boyfriend tom and that was so happy to me.
my favorite.

and then we were home.
can it really be over?

(i have tried and tried to fix the weird funky "text on the side thing" and i don't know whats happening with blogger right now...it won't let me fix it....that doesn't help my mood.... %$@#$ blogger! didn't you get the memo that i am grouchy!??)



  1. great pics shauna! i love all of them. that really does look like the best trip ever!

  2. these pictures are awesome! you are so blessed with an awesome family!!!

  3. amazing pictures! I love the one's of Sisters-a perfect place for a girls trip!

  4. these pictures are just wonderful. the hexagonal floor tiles remind me of my old bathroom. if we ever get to remodel our bathroom in this house (yes we only have 1 bathroom), i want hexagonal tiles and beat board (or whatever it's called).
    grouchy days are hard...i GET IT.

  5. Wow. These pictures are beautiful.
    I want to be pretty like you. Honest-so gorgeous!

  6. My in-laws live in that neck of the woods so we go through Bend & Sisters a lot to get there from here (here being Boise) It's so beautiful there. I always say when we get rich we're going to buy a beautiful chunk of land somewhere in those few minutes between Bend & Sisters. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with your sisters. And I'm sorry about the bad mood. I had my day on Monday. It was ugly. Praying tomorrow is better for you!

  7. Oh my goodness!! I Love all the pictures! So much random loveliness! I think you just might take as many pics as I do! The other day my friend looked at me really strange b/c I was taking a pic of our picnic blanket and I tried to explain "I blog..." but I got a blank stare back!! LOL!

    P.S. Thx for keepin it real for all us moms that have groucho days too. And I love the fact that you can laugh about it and move on :)

  8. Val looks so much like your Momma in the first booth shot in the ice cream shop - my heart skipped a beat! The tilted head and listening ear...

    Sorry you're a grouchy McGrouchypants - glad you g
    had a fun trip.