i only have eyes for you...

remember how i am trying to embrace the idea of being in pictures?
i made a point to here and here.

well, i have been thinking about how the same goes for videos.
i know that i can't even think about getting through an old home video that includes my mom, with out tears and a stomach ache...
i mean there aren't that many, but even my wedding video makes me a little sick.
just watching her alive body talking and singing and smiling and breathing.
so i want to make videos of myself more normal too.
less, stop and stare.
more, "oh, mom! not with the singing again!"
so in light of that idea, here i am.
with my girl.
no make up.
bad hair day.
it's for the children, and maybe a good laugh.

ella and i sing to you.

i just know that will be a tear jerker in 10 years....or even 10 days, maybe.



  1. Priceless and beautiful :)

  2. Love it! And you're soooo right. We take far too few videos around here. I cry every time I think about how much we've missed capturing. Im resolving to do better!
    Love you,

  3. shauna, you really are beautiful. and i'm sure you hear this all the time, but you are mary louise parker's identical twin. but you're prettier! ; )

  4. Yay! That was great. It's so special to have an actual voice to go along with the "voice" we all read here. Thanks for sharing!

  5. wonderful shauna...you have a beautiful voice..and so does sweet ella!


  6. ahhhh... you have such a nice voice!
    i LOVE it!
    this is such a great little keeper!
    your kids will love this when they're older.

  7. you guys are too cute. my daughter loved listening to you guys too.

  8. my daughter is yelling "i wanna watcha girl sing!" she loved it. so did i. just precious. we watched it three times. leslie kept telling me you were a singer so i was excited to finally hear your beautiful voice. i love it, so much character and texture. no doubt ella will follow in her mommy's footsteps :)

  9. This was so great!!! You have a great singing voice, by the way. You've just given your daughter, even though she doesn't know yet, a very priceless gift for her one day.

  10. this is precious. i love it! so so sweet :)

  11. hey shauna, i just found your blog yesterday via it's good to be queen (i think - lol). anyway, i am LOVING the pics of your house and i'm totally following for more inspiration!

    good for you for realizing you need to be in more photos with your kids. my mom never let us take her photo growing up, so we have very few with her in it. i try to embrace the photos, even if i think i look gross, because hopefully it really won't matter to my kiddos someday. :)

  12. You're killin me here. You will be so glad you did that, and so will she.

  13. oh wow that is definitely a tear jerker! I almost cried...yikes, I'll blame it on the hormones ;) You are two lovely ladies indeed. And I am so inspired to take more videos and try to be in them instead of always the one behind the lens!! But I can't sing that good, so I might spare them that misery haha

  14. we are listening to pandora during craft time so i can't listen right now.
    but it doesn't even matter!
    i can promise that it is awesome.
    no matter what it sounds like.....it's for your kids.
    we hardly have videos either but our friends sent one of vacation a few years back. we put it in the dvd player and the second the voices came up with the sound of the beach and water i just lost it crying! it's a completely new layer to the memory! it's so important.
    i am starting to cry just thinking about that!
    good for you.
    it's such a great example.

  15. Oh no...you know i am in a weakened emotional state : ) This was simply beautiful! You have a beautiful voice Shauna--I had no idea...and I could hold that AND your gorgeous self and your awesome sense of style against you but I won't because I just love you to pieces. This is a keeper!