hello! {from my real life voice}

here is my very first vlog...
i am.....having butterflies as i post it for some reason.
maybe because i don't have a baby on my lap as a security blanket.
check me out....
i think i am gonna start doing this more.

{cheeky grin}


  1. you are so darling!
    i never would have guessed that you aren't a hugger.

  2. i'm not a hugger either! yay! this always makes me think of vince vaughn's scene in wedding crashers about blind dates.. "the ass out hug"-i'm a culprit.

  3. love it, shauna! you are brave and inspiring. *high five!*
    p.s. i'm so not a hugger, either. ; )

  4. You are too cute!! I miss you guys!! We were out doing errands and dropping stuff at people's houses, and Natalie asked if we were going to Ella's house to play..it made me sad, and made me miss you, and their cute little friendship.

    Hope you guys are doing awesome, my none hugger, but toally cute friend!!

  5. Well how cute are you?!? So fun to match up a voice to the words now! And I am SO NOT A HUGGER either. I tried to make it my New Year's resolution a couple years ago to be a better hugger and it didn't go so well. In fact, just this morning at the Muffins for Mom thing in my son's kindergarten class his teacher was giving all the moms hugs as they left and I kind of freaked out a little. We scurried past her & just smiled & waved as I rushed him out the door. I should've given her a high five! HA!

  6. you are adorable.
    i am a HUGGER. i am glad i have been warned. i am going to start a notebook before blogsugar and write stuff like this in it so i don't offend anyone.
    such a cute vlog. i want to do one now!
    maybe on thoughts about turning 30 on the 12th.

  7. Hhahaha...thanks for warning me. Oh and Mindy(above) Ive already beat ya to it. My notes have been started and added to since I bought my ticket for BlogSugar:) not that I'll remember a darn thing once I get there and am all overwhelmed and all. So Shauna, if I forget and I happen to look like Im comin in for a hug, just punch my shoulder or something. I promise I'll remember:)
    Oh and I think you should have Heather put an X THROUGH the xo:) Others may get all weird about it but we(your most faithful followers) would know what it meant.
    xo(but not really),

  8. so glad that you mentioned that you are not a hugger because I am a huge hugger. so just in case i do see you at Blogsugar I will know. many hugs to ya..i mean blessings. thanks for sharing and you are just adorable.

  9. hahaha. i am NOT a hugger either. the other day my husband had to ASK me to hug him 3 times by the end of the day - and i forgot. we should come up with something at blog sugar. bump fists? secret handshake?

  10. too bad.
    i'm gonna hug you anyway! at least when we say goodbye.

    in reality....i don't hug much either.
    it's not something i do.
    unless i like you a lot and we are leaving each other
    OR i like you and miss you and just saw each other!

    so.....i guess it depends on if we like each other.....

    cute vlog.

  11. nice. you did great! you are way braver than me!!! and it was really cute and fun to watch.

  12. LOVE this....I'm so with you - I'm not a hugger either!!! ;) And I don't throw out the "I LOVE YOU's" either. I mean, of course with my family....but I have a handful of girlfriends who say it ALL.THE.TIME. - and to me, its the same as a hug - It isn't that I don't love them, or want to hug them - Its just a comfort thing.

    I GET YOU! Love the Vlog - makeup or not, hair do or not....your voice is adorable - YOU are adorable...and of course so is your blog...

    "xoxo" - Tracy.

  13. Hahahaha I love it! Love the vlog option and your blog makeover. Especially your signature ;) *cheeky grin*

  14. I'll take a high five girl! You may need to ear a sign at BlogSugar ;)

  15. ha ha ha ha!
    this is great!
    i totally would have pinned you for a hugger.
    really, i would have.
    but that's alright.
    i am, indeed, a hugger.
    but it's getting less and less as i get older, except with my kids, of course.
    i used to be 'that' hugger in high school.
    gah! i almost cringe thinking about it now.
    oh well!
    but with people i really like... yeah, i still hug. a lot.
    makes me feel good...
    and even if it makes you feel WEIRD, i'd probably hug you too if we met!
    so... BE prepared! ;)

  16. ok shauna, you know what this means? when I see you at blog sugar im totally gonna give you the biggest, most dramatic hug ever! hahahahaha


  17. i love it. ia m NOT a hugger either...well, with my kids and my husband but that's about it. i don't even hug my very best girlfriend after not seeing her for a long while. it's funny, i sometimes write/type XO in emails, comments,etc too but i'm not sure why? i guess i don't really mean it...i mean "with love" though ; D so in the spirit of keeping it real i am going to start signing off-
    peace & love-amy

    ps-love hearing your real voice!