'round here-second camera phone edition

i just arrived at a little party called instagram...
an app on my iphone that lets me take fun pictures and share um as i go.
so this is my week.
no fancy camera, just in the moment.


salad-summer salad: spinach, feta, strawberries, blackberries, avocado, candied walnuts, balsamic vinaigrette. yum

banner-for my upcoming wildflowers shoot! shhhhhh. not telling anything about it until its happened. it's a mystery.

ella's hanky shirt- i made it out of a hanky. it took 5 minutes. really. do you want me to do a super easy tutorial?

ella's red flower dress- i don't really let her wear that mini dress alone. she was in the backyard. i made that dress out of the same fabric as her special "flower blanket" that she likes to take everywhere. so she really really loves that "dress turned tunic top"...i think it makes her feel safe ;)

hula hoop- it's mine, but the kids bent it...grrrrrr. i am goooood at hula hoop. obvs.

ella's photo shoot dress- shhhhh.

all the pictures of ella- we are ALWAYS together. joined at the hip. hence all the pictures of her.

ipad- yep. reedo got me one for mother's day. sweet, right? it saves me at the karate studio and the grocery store, sometimes. he got it engraved on the back to say "OH HAPPY DAY love, reedo, jake ty and ella".  so cute.

jake-trying on stuff at H&M.

that's it.
honestly not my best week as a mother.
i can do better.
i think next week will be better.



  1. Cute pics and yes tutorial on hankie shirt please ;)

  2. LOVE me some instagram :) my favorite app.

  3. This salad looks delish: feta, strawberries, and avocados. OH MY! I'll be making this SOON! :)

  4. TOOO cute. LOVE your photos, your model(s) and the glasses...ARE.YOU.KIDDING. So cute...SO CUTE! xoxo

  5. I LOVE Instagram!!!
    it's so much fun!
    all your pix are so fun!
    I LOVE capturing the every day moments!

  6. yes tutorial on the hanky shirt.
    so dang cute!
    if i don't get an iphone soon i think i will die.

    just kidding.
    of course.
    but i do want one....SOON.
    pray for my current phone to die shauna ok???

  7. i am dying to see how your wildflowers photo session turns out because i know it will be awesome! love all of your phone pics and jake in h& m is just too cute. hope you all had a greta weekend!

    *and I LOVED the vw pictures, thanks for making my day! : )

  8. LOVE your photos! And that salad... DELISH! You should try it with Brianna's Blush Wine Vinaigrette, it is super yummy!