round here....our back yard

this is my world right now:

outside dinners

learning to drink from "big girl" cups

milk mustaches

harmonica songs

tiny secrets

peter pan

little golden books

learning to answer "three" when asked how old you are
it's hard to hold up three fingers!

naughty smiles

dick and jane

wow, that's a good book!
maybe she'll be a reader, like her mommy and her big brother?

little fingers

more songs....

thanks for stopping by the reed life
i hope you're life is sweet today.


  1. All such cute and precious things!!!

  2. love the suitcase...is that her special place??? LOVE

  3. i have to say that your little girl looks very much like me as a child! crazy.

  4. seeing all your great photos makes me so excited for when my little girl gets a bit bigger. i'm so excited by all the fun we'll get to have and it kinda takes the sting out of the fact that she is in fact getting bigger. ;)