i am grateful for...(three BUSY days worth)

"jelly beans" (day 5)
i am grateful for....

"our tidbit helper" (day 6)
I am grateful for.....

"that i am the one who gets to handle these tantrums..." (day 7)
i am so glad to be her mommy and be able to stay with her, even while she is acting so awful!
i am blessed


  1. what a sweet family you have...you ARE very blessed...

  2. even though i think my daughter is most lovely, that gumball machine pic is like amazing. when did you get so good??? it was like overnight! God's gifted you...and that takes discipline to tap into His vision regularly. great job friend.

  3. These pictures are truly lovely. I completely understand about feeling lucky that you are the one to deal with the tantrums. It is a very important job indeed!