thanksgiving cheater

if i get something new, i have to wear it THAT day...
or the next day at the latest.

when the seasons change and fall comes, i have a really hard time waiting for thanksgiving dinner.
(and yes, i DO peek at my presents if there is an opportunity)

i know, i know...
i am a cheater.
i am too eager.

because of my eager-ness, this is what we had for dinner on Thursday night.
reedo was gonna be home for dinner for the first time in a while, since he has had some crazy weeks at work.
he loves these.
they are man food.
i made the green beans for myself...and tiny ty.
cause if it was up to jake and reedo just the meat and potatoes would be perfect.

Posted by Picasai know you have all probably made this kind of thing many-a-time for day after thanksgiving leftovers.
but what about just making it because it is so GOOD!

i think the only sad part is the deli-ish turkey....cause i love me some GOOD fresh turkey.
but the whole feeling of the comfort that comes from the combination of these foods makes up for it for me.
at least for now.
maybe i will learn how to be a better turkey roaster at a different stage of my life.
like, one when i don't have a realllllly grouchy three-year-old at my feet while i cook......


  1. I did the same thing..but I told everyone I was practicing for the real thanksgiving day...lame I know...lols

  2. If you can roast a chicken, you can roast a turkey breast! I make this on a semi-regular basis:

  3. we are doing the same thing tomorrow :)

  4. how funny.....i have never once thought to make thanksgiving dinner NOT on thanksgiving.
    it's genius!